Camps in Austin Still Going Strong

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Scott Francis

An article in the Austin-American Statesman, not long ago, posited that there was, in 2010, a dearth of 'camps, after a flurry of them in 2008 and 2009.? However, a quick followup was penned by Omar Gallaga, about the fact that ProductCamp was still going strong.? Mostly, Camps are free events sponsored in someone's corporate offices or other "free" space, and generally only target local attendees.? But these events are hard work to put on:

Paul Young, who founded ProductCamp Austin, said many events modeled after the same concept simply petered out for lack of interest or organization. "They show up, run their cycles, then die out," Young said. "I think the reason that happens is that people are surprised for an ?unconference' how much coordination it actually takes to put an event on.

I think people are also surprised how difficult it is to pull off a free event! We're proud to be having bpmCamp in Austin as well. While we couldn't pull it off as a free event, we are keeping it as affordable as possible, while still making the event attractive enough for people to travel to Austin to attend.? We also freely admit that we need to produce some of the content up front for similar reasons, rather than doing it all on the fly - but we'll also keep time (and rooms) available for impromptu sessions that weren't thought of ahead of time. If you are interested, the registration page is right here. You just need to be a Lombardi BPM practitioner to attend.

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