Business Insider Discovers Torchy's Tacos

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Scott Francis

So the Business Insider has finally discovered Torchy's Tacos, and it appears to be love at first sight.? For those of you coming to Austin for Driven, you wouldn't be wrong to make a detour to Torchy's (or Peached Tortilla) while you're here.

"We couldn't stop marveling at the wonders of Torchy's as we plowed ahead through our tasting. There was simply so much food ? and it was all delicious. We weren't disappointed by a single thing, except for the fact that there is not one in New York City."

I'm looking forward to seeing how New York reacts to Torchy's when it gets there! I have no idea how they'll make the rent work, though!

Unfortunately no one told the taste testers about the secret menu - and of course they wouldn't know what I would consider the best orders at Torchy's.? But they did discover the queso - which is probably the best queso you can get in a restaurant (when I heard that Chipotle test-marketed their queso in New York City, I understood why it isn't working.? Queso appears to be a southwestern thing).

Let's quickly review what they should have ordered, but didn't:

  • the Migas breakfast taco.? If you're not from Austin, you might not understand why, but my guess is that migas will become a more popular term.
  • the Crossroads - a great "standard menu" order with smoked brisket
  • the Ace of Spades - a wonder of the modern world with jalapeno sausage, grilled brisket, green chile queso, cilantro, cotija cheese, sour cream, diablo sauce, topped with a fried egg on a flour tortilla.? It should probably be called the Don't Mess with Texas (But that's trademarked, I'm sure)
  • the Democrat

It's good to hear the location in Dallas is just as crowded as the locations in Austin.? Torchy's is a winning combination, in my book and I can imagine them expanding far beyond the current 50+ locations.? Something I've been really impressed by is the number of great restaurant concepts that are coming out of Austin over the last decade or two.? There's something in the water here. Or rather, there's something in the tacos...


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