Business Architecture, Meet BPMN. BPMN, Meet Business Architecture

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Scott Francis

Architects are discovering BPMN, and Bruce Silver has explained how business architecture relates to BPMN or BPM more broadly:

When business process architecture enumerates processes that are not really processes, or activities that are not really activities, usually the problem is that what is enumerated are actually functions or capabilities, not specific actions (or sequences of actions) performed repeatedly in the course of business, with each instance having a well-defined start and end.? Even when labeled VERB-NOUN to suggest an action, they may be things performed continuously rather than repeatedly. Activity names starting with ?Manage?, ?Monitor?, or ?Maintain? typically fall into this category.

I'm glad to hear that Bruce observes that architects are increasingly discovering BPMN - we're seeing the same thing at BP3, though we're not as involved in BPMN training.? Good to see that market validation.? I think it is also a symptom of more organizations looking to extend BPM implementations beyond the project.

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