Buried the Lede

  • February 10, 2015
  • Scott

In a recent BPM.com discussion on Case Management and CRM, the last response was from John Morris and he makes a really excellent point that may have gone unnoticed:

CRM software, case-oriented or not, is not very good at helping reps sell. Because support for human work around cases leaves out important aspects of case work. In the world of sales, the most important thing that reps need is support for “story” or “narrative”. […] However, case software generally falls short of delivering what case workers (including sales reps) need a lot of.  Case capability is a beginning, and only a beginning.

I think this is a really critical distinction – the idea of narrative and supporting that narrative.  Often “case management” and “CRM” software tend toward becoming database maintenance applications where your job as a human is to “push the button” when the counter gets to zero, not unlike the button on the popular show, Lost.  So the system reminds us to contact someone periodically.  And it tracks their contact info.  But it doesn’t truly help us sell.

Perhaps this is part of what is missing from lots of “Easy BPM” solutions as well… in that they tend too much toward a highly managed database of cases, rather than reinforcing a narrative and value proposition…

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