Bruce Silver's Perspective on the Global 360 Acquisition

  • July 17, 2011
  • Scott

Bruce has a nice write-up of the Global 360 acquisition, and hits on a couple points really well:

On the analyst call, Open Text admitted they are still working on the roadmap, but I came away with the impression that nothing would change very much.  Metastorm would keep on being Metastorm, G360 would keep on its track.  Only the company letterhead would change.

And if so, I think that would be too bad.  If you compare IBM’s acquisition of FileNet (leave it alone) versus Lombardi (revitalize the core offering), there is no question which path is better…

I agree, it would be too bad if they don’t really rationalize the offering and carve out a vision for the future.  And yet, it fits the pattern (so far) with OpenText.  Bruce’s recommendation:

Yes, merging case management and conventional BPM is a good thing – a no-brainer, really – but simply recycling 1990s technology is not the way to do it.  Better to take a page from IBM’s  Lombardi playbook and choose the best pieces from across the portfolio and then do the necessary engineering to create a world-class unified offering.

Exactly.  Perhaps the world needs a world-class BPM offering on Microsoft technology.  So far, Microsoft isn’t building it.  Maybe OpenText can fill that void.  But we haven’t heard the vision for that yet.

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