Bruce Silver Reviews TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

  • July 12, 2010
  • Scott

A while back, Bruce Silver wrote up another thorough review of a BPM vendor’s offering, and this time it was TIBCO’s ActiveMatrix BPM.  There were a couple of nuggets that jumped out at me:

  1. TIBCO is pushing task distribution as being separate from process (or orthogonal, you might say).  It is an interesting wrinkle to their product.  I’ve run into a few cases where the “process” presented to me was really a “how to distribute work to the people on this team” problem, rather than how to manage the process or lifecycle of the stuff their working on (which might extend into groups that aren’t part of the same team).  But there have been only a few, relative to the total number of processes I’ve seen.
  2. Apparently they borrowed one of the best features of Lombardi Teamworks (now Websphere Lombardi Edition): “The inline preview function allows playback of running forms from within TIBCO Business Studio.   This Lombardi-ish approach is carried forward in page flow modeling as well, using BPMN to describe each step in the page flow… an advantage (in my view) over the programmer-oriented approach of most ‘enterprise-class’ BPMSs.”
  3. It sounds like they’ve added performance data tracking that approaches what Lombardi does.  I’ve been surprised that this early differentiator at Lombardi (circa 2004) hasn’t been more widely copied 6 years later.
  4. There was another TIBCO BPM product, but I think that’s on the way out based on TUCON coverage.  BPM vendors need to take a page from Neil Ward-Dutton’s blog.  Bring your customers with you.

Thanks again to Bruce for covering all the product releases of note.

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