Bring on the Ping Pong Tables

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Scott Francis

I loved this article from Alexander Muse, partly because I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading it. ?

First, the question for Quora:

?I?m a 21-year-old CEO of a startup with eight guys. My developers sometimes spend all day at the ping pong table. How do I handle this? I?m also a tech guy, I never wanted to be the CEO, but my co-founders and our investors (friends and family) think I should try to be the CEO for at least six months before trying to bring someone in. I think I?m doing a pretty good job in several aspects (we will probably break even next month), but I don?t know how to handle situations like this one with the ping pong table.?

Alexander's response:

"My advice? Buy the very best ping pong paddle and start playing with them. You might want to get a few more ping pong balls too. The ping pong table is not your problem."

Done and done.? We have a table at BP3, and there are times that it gets a lot of action.? I've reportedly been at the top of the leader board once or twice.? It's a nice way to blow off some steam or talk over a problem while hitting a few balls.? It is also nice competition, (usually) without any physical injuries.? Your pride is at risk however.

100% agreement, Mr. Muse.?


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