Brazos UI – the best UI in BPM? Signs point to yes

  • August 24, 2015
  • Scott

At BPMCAMP recently we spent a lot of time reviewing great user interfaces in BPM and how to build them.  Several of our sessions focused on what a great UI looks like for BPM and what it means.  Of course there is more to UI than just the visual elements, but sometimes just the visual elements alone tell you a story as well.

Sometimes a company gets a reputation for being good at user interface. Or good at mobile. And sometimes they deserve it.  But sometimes they have really made the wrong bets in terms of technology direction and the future of mobile UI.

Appian is a company with a reputation for great UI in the BPM space, if you read analyst reports and their own press. Recently I looked at Appian’s SAIL interface on their website.

Let’s take a look at one of the screenshots of SAIL:

This is the UI of the much-hyped Appian SAIL interface?  It’s like watching paint dry.  By contrast, the same screen built in Brazos in less than 30 minutes:



Of course, you can’t experience the interactivity of Brazos in a static screenshot, but it makes an impression, and it looks great across desktop, tablet, and phone interface sizes.  But when I look at what they’re producing and compare to a few minutes work in Brazos UI, I know which interface I would prefer. A few more comparison shots:

And now, the equivalent screen shots with Brazos UI:

MacBook iPhone iPad

To be clear, all four of the views of this interface in Brazos UI were developed in one shot. This isn’t 3 or 4 configurations, this is just how Brazos UI works as a responsive UI.  

We’ve been saying Brazos is the best UI for IBM BPM for years.  I think it’s the best UI for BPM, period.  If SAIL was the bar, Brazos has been exceeding it.  And if Brazos is a better experience than the best User Interfaces from the leading vendors in BPM, then we’re doing something right for our customers.



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