Brazos UI Releases: Enterprise and Lite 4.1

  • August 10, 2015
  • David

LI-BrazosIf you’ve been waiting for a refresh of our Brazos UI Lite toolkit, version 4.1 is the version you’ve been waiting for – if this is the first time you’ve registered with BP3, however, try this link instead, which explains how to get what you need.  It includes the many enhancements of Brazos UI Enterprise v.4.1, offers the same excellent upgrade paths, and also offers an upgrade path to the fully supported Brazos UI Enterprise. Both of these updates drop just in time for BPMCAMP, which is the premier event for BPM practitioners who leverage Brazos UI, Brazos Portal, or Neches.

Not only are all of the improvements from version 4 included, version 4.1 includes the following minor enhancements:

  • Tab labels now respond to change events
  • There is a new boundary event for Modal close which will be triggered on background click, close “x” button click, or Esc key press.
  • Improvements to the Examples Process App
  • Several bug-fixes including a few to work around defects in IBM BPM 8.5.6.

I know that many deployments are languishing on version 2 of the Brazos UI toolkit, which is lacking many of the features of the current release, including modernization of the underlying libraries, and a dramatic performance improvement thanks to shrinking the overall download size (along with other run time improvements). This is a good time to re-evaluate upgrading to either a current version of Lite or the Enterprise version.  Just start by sending a ticket to BP3 support!

As always, the release notes are the most transparent set of product updates you can find.




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