Brazos UI Enterprise version 3.14

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[Editor's note: This release just epitomizes what makes BP Labs and Brazos so great. Not only is internationalization / localization supported, but obscure issues with a specific operating system and hardware platform are also addressed, and quickly.? I've never seen a product team turn around fixes in enterprise software faster than our Brazos UI team does. - Scott]

Brazos UI Enterprise v3.14.0 is available for download from the support site:

The main improvement in v3.14.0 is the addition of internationalization and localization support. Based on the selected language for the user in the BPM Process Portal:

  • Table/Data Table default text will be presented in the user's language
  • Date Time Picker Calendar will be presented in the user's language
  • Date Time Picker date and hour format will be presented in the user's language format (e.g dd.MM.yyyy and 12 or 24 hour clock)
  • Input Decimal and Input Integer separators will be presented in the user's language format. (e.g in some countries the thousand separator is "." and in others is ",". This is also true for the decimal separator)
  • All the localizations can be overwritten at the Brazos Template level via config options
  • The Table/Data Table localization can also be overridden at the Table/Data Table level

In addition, the Cards control now has the ability to trigger server side errors to the Cards container itself as well as inside the individual cards. And as always we fixed a few bugs - including a fix for what appears to be an IBM BPM on DB2 Z/OS problem.

[Editor's note: Again, the thoughtfulness of the card control improvement, as well as the specific DB2 Z/OS fix, just further proves the depth of our approach.? Localization is obviously a big plus for our customer in Europe, Asia, and Latin America]

As always, you can see the full release notes here:

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