Brazos UI Enterprise v3.17 Released

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Editor's note: The most popular user interface framework for IBM BPM is now even better with the latest release.? As seen in many sessions at IBM Interconnect, Brazos UI Enterprise makes a difference: faster releases, happier customers, greater development efficiency, higher quality user experiences, engaged users, engaged businesses.? Hats off to our development team and to David Bailie for ushering in yet another release to improve upon what is already the best in the business.? Why wait 6 months to a year for improvements in your user interface when you could be receiving updates every few weeks from the best BPM UI team in the world at BP Labs.

Attached below are a few pictures from Interconnect displays of Brazos, but we counted at least 8 presentations that featured Brazos UI as their BPM user interface framework - and there were quite a few Smarter Process sessions we didn't attend.? The real question, in my mind, is:? if you're not using Brazos UI yet, why not?? - Scott Francis


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Brazos UI Enterprise v3.17.1 is available for download.

In v3.17.1 we have added a new Bubble Chart, a new Progress Bar control, and improved the look and feel of the Brazos Charts. We?ve also added improvements and fixed a number of bugs:

  • New styling for the Brazos Section control. Note that if you have customized your Section colors you will want to update your CSS customizations.
  • The New Progress Bar is a great way to display progress on your coaches. You can define the style, add text to the progress bar, specify a time for the progress bar to complete, and fire a boundary event when the progress bar finishes.
  • The Bubble Chart allows you to present data in a hierarchical or flat bubble chart. Both AJAX and direct bindings are supported, and like the other Brazos Charts you can fire boundary events to define custom drill down actions.
  • The Brazos Charts have improved legends, axis labels, tooltips, and hover interactions. You can also optionally add shadows to give your charts more depth.
  • In addition to the existing ability to prepend text and icons, you can now append text and icons to Input number and string controls.

You can find the full details in the Brazos UI release notes.

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