Brazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 Released: The Best UI in BPM gets Better

  • June 26, 2015
  • Scott

LI-BrazosBrazos UI Enterprise 3.19.4 has been released and is available for download.  You can register for Brazos UI Lite here, and/or request Brazos UI Enterprise. Brazos UI is the best BPM user interface for IBM BPM.  Experience with our customers shows us that it reduces UI development effort by 66%, and yields interfaces that are more likely to get you flying through User Acceptance and adoption as well.

We know many people are on Brazos version 2.0, but many improvements to localization, speed, correctness, browser support, etc. have been added. If you’re languishing on an older release, you’re missing out on many improvements to the state of the art.

This is an Enterprise only release and mainly includes bug fixes and a few minor enhancements that have been requested by our Brazos UI Enterprise customers. A couple notable improvements include:

  • Ability to mark a Table column as required.
  • The Progress Bar has a new configuration option that will allow it to repeat once complete which makes it a good tool for refreshing pages on periodic intervals.
  • The Attach File control can now fire a boundary event after a document is uploaded.
  • The type-ahead feature has been improved: users no longer need to leave the field to cause the binding to be updated.
  • The Table and Data Table now handle dynamic button visibility in read-only mode.
  • When using the Text Area with a character limit, there is now an indicator when a users exceeds the character limit – mainly useful for when large content is pasted into the Text Area.

Check the release notes for full details:


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