Brazos Portal 1.8 Released

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BP3's BP Labs team continues to deliver a steady drumbeat of software releases at BP3, which is exactly how we want it to work.?? Brazos Portal 1.8 is the third release in 2015 for Brazos Portal, and is now available for download (registration required).? Additional releases in 2015 are already planned and committed to customers, and they cumulative effect is a step change in how impressive Brazos Portal is.

  • Introducing support for IBM BPM 7.5.x
  • New customization options
  • Ability to specify View Admins via the Brazos Portal Admin screen. This allows non-admin users create and share views and templates
  • Ability to specify Task Properties and Business Data that are always available in Brazos Portal search via that Brazos Portal Admin screen
  • Ability to customize the Brazos Portal Help modal via the Brazos Portal Admin screen

View the release notes for the full details on the enhancements and bug fixes.

Still need to register for Brazos Portal?

Taking a step back, I recall about this time last year, when a certain product manager for a certain vendor pre-announced their own new portal, based on the design principles and technology direction of Brazos Portal. at the time that Brazos Portal was at release 1.0.? A year later, and anyone who waited on that portal only got a technology preview that isn't supported and isn't production-ready - nor is it backward compatible nor future proof.? Those that bet on Brazos Portal have received 8 impressive incremental improvements to the Brazos Portal, along with support for additional task-based software packages - like Blueworks Live and Alfresco - and older versions of IBM BPM.

We'll be looking to expand the products that Brazos Portal supports going forward. If you're interested in Brazos Portal supporting your product, let us know. There's no reason you can't have the best UI in BPM running against your systems.


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