Brazos Portal 1.2.2 Release: Federated BPM and Activiti Support

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Scott Francis

Last week, our team released Brazos Portal 1.2.2, the best responsive UI for BPM. This is the kind of innovation that BP3 is uniquely qualified to bring to the BPM market.

This version includes milestone features, as promised:

  • Support for Activiti BPM as the BPM server (Free Edition), as promised.? This is a milestone for Brazos Portal, to support a second BPM software platform.
  • Support for Federation of work from multiple BPM servers (Enterprise Edition).? This includes federating work from different versions and different BPM platforms.? For example, tasks from an IBM BPM 8.0.1 and an IBM BPM 8.5.5 server can now be displayed, launched, etc. all from the same Brazos Portal URL)

These are two major accomplishments for our BP Labs development team, bringing work management via Brazos Portal to a new platform, and to multiple installations.? Federation is the most frequently requested feature from customers when we demonstrate Brazos Portal. Now Brazos Portal users can get to all of their BPM workload from one interface. This isn't just about seeing multiple processes in one interface, but rather, work from completely separate BPM installations that are not similarly configured.? We can stop making installation, platform, and version particulars the end users' problem...

Support for Activiti was another common request, as the portal works naturally with the REST APIs of Activiti BPM. In the future, we'll be enhancing Brazos Portal with additional platform support, as customers require.? We recently showed off the Portal at Alfresco Summit to positive reviews.

A more complete list from the release notes follows:

US357 Improved user experience when reordering groups via drag and drop US445 When a user session expires, they will now be redirected to the login page to reauthenticate US449 On BPM 8.5+, the BPM_WORK and other BPM dashboards that don't work correctly from Brazos Poral are hidden from Dashboards menu. (The BPM_WORK dashboard is the My Work tab in the stock BPM Portal.) US458 The task's assignee is now a column that can be displayed. This will be either the group or individual user that the task is assigned to. This property can also be used in the filter for a group. US473 All tasks now open in a new tab (or window depending on browser configuration), and if the browser popup blocker prevented the task window from opening the user will be notified. US484 A progress indicator (spinner) has been added to the top left of the Brazos Portal UI so users can tell that data is in the process of being loading into the portal. US522 The Brazos Portal can now federate tasks from multiple BPM servers into the same portal (i.e. tasks from an IBM BPM 8.0.1 and an IBM BPM 8.5.5 server can now be displayed, launched, etc. all from the same Brazos Portal URL) - Premium Brazos Portal Editions only US538 The call to pull back startable services has been optimized. US585 The Brazos Portal now supports Activiti as a BPM Server US595 Clicking on the browser notification from Brazos Portal will bring the portal window into focus US645 Brazos Portal Tour (launched from the help screen) has been updated to include more information such as the ability to drag and drop groups to reorder. US650 Error handling has been improved to provide users with more informative error messages when something goes wrong. DE163 Browser notifications now disappear after 5 seconds DE192 Task drive interactions are smoother and performance is improved DE203 Login will not work after initial login failure on a fresh browser instance DE214 Drag and drop to reorder groups does not work in IE11 DE217 Tasks with non-ASCII characters in the subject field cause high memory utilization DE226 DB2 remove script had outdated (beta) table names

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