Brazos for Activiti [Including Video]

  • August 28, 2013
  • Scott

We started a project this summer with two of our intrepid interns and coaching from our BP Labs team, to see if we could build “Brazos for Activiti” (our code name for the project).  Conceptually of course, this seemed like a no-brainer.  We had built it for IBM BPM, surely we could build it for another BPM tool.  But of course, thinking it and doing it are two different things.

Our team had to overcome a few obstacles to make it happen:

  • Get familiarity with Activiti code base
  • Figure out how to do drag-and-drop UI building
  • Figure out how to take the results of the UI building and incorporate them seamlessly into the Activiti user task flow.

We didn’t have answers when we started, we had questions. But I love that our team was creative and open-minded to solutions, and wiling to stop and retrace to a different path when they hit dead-ends.

Check out the developer preview video that shows what building UI for Activiti could soon look like. Just like Brazos for IBM BPM, the UI is responsive, incorporates all the mobile features you want (e.g. touch), and still supports the one UI, one designer, multiple devices target of the original Brazos Toolkit.

Brazos UI for Activiti – Developer Overview from bp3 on Vimeo.

 We’re working out the details with Alfresco’s Activiti BPM team as to naming, distributions, and how to build conveniently for Activiti users, but one thing we’re pretty clear on – we’re going to release this into the open source community on the same licensing terms as Activiti (Apache).  We think this could really elevate the way people approach building process-enabled application UIs with Activiti, and it seems like a great first contribution from BP3 to the Activiti open source community.  But we also know that the work isn’t finished nor fully formed, and may not fit the way that typical Activiti BPM developers leverage the BPM engine.  So take a look and tell us what you think!  Let us know if you have questions, ideas, or suggestions, we’re all ears.


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