Brazos 2.0 is GA

  • October 21, 2013
  • Scott

We told you Brazos 2.0 was coming – and the wait is over.  After extensive field-use and field-testing by BP3, BP Labs, and many of our customers and partners at IBM and elsewhere, Brazos is ready to be labeled GA.  We’re especially proud of the user doc and examples we shipped with the GA release.  As always, we offer support options for Brazos to give our customers the same protections as buying commercial software.

New in the 2.0 GA:

  • The “Brazos 2.0 Examples” process app – all-new for the GA to help you get started with Brazos.  The entire guide and examples were built using Brazos – highly self-referential.  Scenarios, examples, and explanations for each one.
  • A user guide, also built using Brazos.  So you can see how it works in the Coach Designer.
  • A Brazos CSS Generator built with Brazos coach views – customize the look and feel of Brazos… using Brazos!
  • Great Responsive UI examples.
  • The entire guide is accessible in your phone or tablet(!)
  • New Date control
  • Simplified Layout (auto-calculating defaults)
  • New wizard/button group control

Brazos 2.0 GA – Examples & User Guide from bp3 on Vimeo.

Previously announced Brazos 2.0 Features:

  • Rich iconic design scheme expanded
  • Responsive layout, easier to configure
  • Natural mobile and touch experience
  • Tabular and nested tabular data – including drag-and-drop editing in Process Designer
  • Drag-and-drop document upload
  • Dynamic computation (sums, percentages, discounts)
  • Complex data manipulation capabilities
  • Leverages IBM BPM native error handling capabilities
  • Many fixes and improvements – including 22 builds since the BETA was released.

We’re not done, by any means, but we’ll take a breather, and give Brazos 2.0 a chance to breathe, before we introduce the next major improvements.  The next bit of investment we’re making it to make it even easier to acquire current builds of Brazos as we begin to release minor releases against 2.0.

If you’ve already registered for Brazos, our team will be sending you an email to send you a link for the new download.  If you haven’t registered for Brazos yet, what are you waiting for? Your IBM BPM users will thank you!


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