Brazos 2.0 Beta Released

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Scott Francis

Yesterday we started emailing registered Brazos 1.0 customers to send them the Brazos 2.0 Beta. I want to thank our BP3 team for pulling together to make this release happen, I'm really proud of what our team has done to advance the state of the art in BPM user interface development.? And we're just getting started!

Although we're calling it a beta, the Brazos 2.0 release is better in every way, than Brazos 1.0 - including full support for IE8.? Because of the expanded list of target platforms, we're labeling the current release Beta, as our testing matrix simply isn't big enough to cover all the browsers given the variety of devices.

The good news: if you buy a Brazos Support package, we will fully support your efforts on Brazos 2.0 as if it was a General Availability release. For free users of Brazos, please report any issues to us and accept our apologies in advance!

Our Brazos Page has already been updated to reflect the 2.0 product features.? If you haven't registered for a copy yet, now is the time! A quick recap of 2.0 features:

  • Rich iconic design scheme expanded
  • Responsive layout, easier to configure
  • Natural mobile and touch experience
  • Tabular and nested tabular data - including drag-and-drop editing in Process Designer
  • Drag-and-drop document upload
  • Dynamic computation (sums, percentages, discounts)
  • Complex data manipulation capabilities
  • Leverages IBM BPM native error handling capabilities
  • Many fixes and improvements

Perhaps the most important feature for process authors is the better integration with Process Designer.? Having the table control truly support drag-and-drop building of columns and controls is a big win for productivity.? But each of the other items above is a game changer for your BPM projects-? and absolutely the best way to build UI for IBM BPM.

Take a look at the Wind Farm demonstration, which shows off some of the new features - but better yet, check out the "How to" because that shows off the productivity gains.

Brazos 2.0 Demo - Wind Study from bp3 on Vimeo.


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