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Your BPM initiative has produced great ROI over the years, but your executive team is more focused on a hot new topic: Digital Transformation.?? You're fighting for budget against apps that are in maintenance mode amid declining IT maintenance dollars, but improved processes could continue to yield 7- to 9-figure returns for your business.

?Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.? - Oscar Wilde

In the BPM world, we know transformation doesn't stick without real substantive support from retooled business processes and decisions, but we have a new audience to win over.

Meanwhile, everyone developing a new digital transformation strategy is sweating one key detail - how do we deliver the goods on these great slide decks and web designs?

There's an answer to both of these concerns, and we're going to discuss it at Driven 2017.? We believe processes and decisions are critical to a successful Digital Transformation - but these approaches suffer from, for lack of a better term, bad branding!

As practitioners of a very practical art, we have to help connect with the strategies and visions of our executive teams to create the very real opportunities for transformation - and sometimes that starts with the words we use and the priorities we set.? Because the words set the direction and the context and the scope of what we consider our remit.? And in the digital world, we start with the customer and the capabilities and products we need to bring to them.? The implementation of those capabilities and products is, in large part, the domain of process and decision technology.? So if you're a practitioner of process or decision management solutions - we have to adapt our methods and words to the digital transformation context.

At Driven, we're going to help our attendees unlock the latent value in their digital transformations and process-and-decision-management initiatives by connecting the dots.? We have a co-creation innovation workshop, and sessions on blockchain, RPA, machine learning, and digital transformation.? This is all part of the context:? the world is changing, and Driven is the conference that helps us progress on that journey from where we are - to the digital future in front of us.

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