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We're excited about bpmNEXT - and it is coming next week! March 29th through April 1st!

We're involved in two sessions at bpmNEXT:

First, on Monday March 30th, at 10:30am, we have a panel on building a BPM ecosystem.

Building a BPM Ecosystem, Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft; Scott Francis, BP-3 Global; Denis Gagne, Trisotech and Business Process Incubator
This thought leadership panel discusses the elements that define today?s BPM ecosystem, from perspectives that cut across the landscape of BPM business models. Bonitasoft is an open-source BPMS platform that relies on the open source software community as well as its own customer/partner community to contribute components used in end-to-end solutions. BP-3 Global has managed the transition from a ?captive? IBM BPM partner to a supplier of tools and solutions for multiple BPMS platforms. Denis Gagne will discuss the Business Process Incubator business model and how model interchange standards and tools help Trisotech provide integrated end to end solutions for customers. We?ll hear about challenges faced and overcome, with suggestions for how the various BPM players could do possibly do things differently to advance the business for everyone. We expect some spirited Q&A with the audience.

I'm really looking forward to this discussion - it is an honor to be on stage with these guys.

We're also presenting in the sleep-inducing 4pm slot on Tuesday March 31st, so we'll have to try to amp up the energy with: "Sleep at Night Again: Automated Code Analysis". We're showing a new product in the BP3 arsenal of BPM tooling - Neches Analysis for IBM BPM. It is a game-changer for quality process production on the IBM BPM platform. Ivan Kornienko will take the lead on this one, but I'll help kick it off. We've been working on our presentation and I hope we live up to expectations!

BPM platforms, such as IBM BPM, have the benefit of being able to export all UIs, process models, integrations, and every other piece of code that makes up the solution as a single file. This one file represents both the value to be gained from using BPM as well as the technical debt an organization takes on by turning it on for it?s business users. We have spent the last 3 years collecting and curating best practices and anti patterns from dozens of our consultants and hundreds of solutions they?ve been exposed to over the years. This exercise has lead us to define what we are calling Neches Rules. If not followed, each of these rules represents an adverse effect to a solutions performance or maintainability. Using a proprietary algorithm, we apply these rules to a BPM solution export file and generate a provide the user with a list issues at specific locations in their solution code and suggestions on how to fix them. This session will cover our rule set, the automated solution analysis process, and a live demo of our solution analysis tool, Neches.

Many of the other presenters are like a who's-who of BPM gurus for the last decade (or more).? This is going to be the place to see the product demos for BPM for the next year.? Should be a fun conference for us, hope to see you there!


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