#bpmNEXT – Additional Writeups and the Church of BPM

  • March 29, 2013
  • Scott

Neil Ward-Dutton summarizes bpmNEXT in this blog post, and an item that caught my eye as well was the presence of only the independent analysts:

What was a little surprising to me was that the only industry analysts present were myself and Sandy Kemsley; none of the “big guns” from Gartner, Forrester etc were at the event. Maybe they’re only allowed to attend events they’re speaking at; maybe there’s a procedural block because casual conversations with vendors – though enlightening – should always be paid for and not done “for free”. Who knows. (Maybe a reader..?)

I’m curious as well, as to why this might be.  For the most part, attendance at this event for an analyst was about a quest for BPM truths that would not be found in blog posts, independent of expectation of financial return… Hard to believe Bruce and Nathaniel wouldn’t have made the usual suspects aware of the event, so that can’t be the excuse!

George Barlow, a veteran of more than one BPM vendor, was at the conference representing AgilePoint, and has a writeup as well:

Talk about refreshing, this conference was truly like no other BPM conference I have ever attended, and I have been to plenty of them in the past 12 years. Imagine a “trade show” where the vendors, or at least almost all of them, weren’t hawking their wares. Picture an intimate setting by the Pacific Ocean instead of a convention hall. Envision an attendee list more like a United Nations delegation and less like the local Rotary Club and you might start to get the feel of this exclusive gathering of some of the greatest software minds in the world. The sum of the IQ points in the meeting hall was enormous yet the atmosphere was laid-back and collegial.

I tweeted a photo about the “Church of BPM” that was only half in jest. After all, we were in the “Chapel” on the grounds of Asilomar.

Church of BPM - plenty of space to spread out, despite the great attendance

 George wraps up with a nice compliment (I think!) and a shout-out for next year (emphasis added):

While the twitter stream (#bpmnext) lead by Sandy Kemsley, Scott Francis, Neil Ward-Dutton and Denis Gagne was absolutely hilarious at times, the amazing thing about the event was how open the participants were. We were all sharing everything from the bleeding-edge tech efforts in our labs to the traditional war stories of veteran road warriors. I can’t wait for next year when I am convinced this conference and this format will triumph again and our industry will have a whole new must-attend event with a growing audience. Believe this – BPM is alive and well and living in Asilomar.

Let’s hope so!


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