I've speculated before that BPMN icons might have originally been designed to be hand-drawn (most of the BPMN 1.0 icons I can draw without lifting marker from white board).? Now there's a font for BPMN, for those who want to make use of BPMN in their text or word docs without resorting to using a drawing or BPM tool.

They even shipped CSS files in case you want to leverage them on your wed-based assets as well.

This came up at the bpmNEXT conference as well, where all the BPM folks immediately geeked out on it.? It's a great idea, and one for which we had a similar technique on a project I worked on in 1995/96 for Xerox.? We were configuring networks of Xerox equipment and wanted the scope to be zoomable - in and out.? And graphical.? And to run on a laptop with a mere 8MB of RAM.? You read that right.

And we succeeded thanks to an innovative designer (Jeremy Epstein) who designed a font that consisted of all the equipment we would display. The font would resize to almost any useful size and color, allowing us to do really amazing things with a network configuration.? It was one of the coolest pieces of software I ever worked on.

2 decades later, I see similar interesting applications for the BPMN font.? Great work.



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