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Scott Francis

Someone had to do it, and I'm glad it was Theo Priestley, and not I!

Theo's written up a summary of the Forrester-initiated BPM Jam on Twitter (thanks Connie!), and did a pretty good job of it.

Key points from his summary, where the idea that education needs to standardize (a la ABPMP), but also needs a more mature, comprehensive approach (a la Lombardi University). I missed this part of the discussion so I'm not sure how people felt about the OMG OCEB examination - of course, since that is a cert only, not a full educational curriculum, that may be why it was overlooked.

Another key point was the idea that a business architect requires 20 yrs of experience with Six Sigma, Lean, TQM under the belt.? As Theo put it:

I disagree somewhat on that point, whilst those methods are 'nice to haves' they shouldn't be prerequisites of a Biz Arch and certainly not as steeped in the skills that they can't accept outside influences. I've seen this among a lot of Master Black Belts and I don't think they have what it takes to be a Biz Arch on this alone. Needs to be cross-skilled and understand architecture on a wider scale outside of process alone.

I think the key point Theo makes is that if you have adopted the religion of Six Sigma, or Lean or <fill-in-your-favorite-improvement-methodology>, you may be too inflexible to solve BPM problems in the most effective way.? A simple example I've seen of this is the Lean and Six Sigma ideal of ignoring technology while improving the process.? As with most doctrines, there is a kernel of a good idea there, but too often it is taken too far - to the point where many six sigma and Lean practitioners seem to be saying that technology can't inform process improvement approaches - which any software engineer can disprove.? The real point of course is to not let technology slow down the process improvement, which is a very different thing altogether, and something I very much agree with.

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