bpmCamp Topics Coming In

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Scott Francis

Topics at bpmCampare taking shape based on feedback from attendees and prospective attendees. A few highlights:

  • A look inside the black box that is Websphere Lombardi Edition (v7) and Teamworks v6.
  • Fronting Teamworks with FLEX - who says good process can't be pretty?? Greg Harley, a BP3 and Lombardi Alumn, and currently product architect at IBM, shows off some techniques for getting the most out of your BPM platform.
  • Using Ajax to spruce up more common Coach interfaces in Lombardi BPM.
  • Agile Development with BPM: Revisiting Value-based delivery
  • How to dig your way out of process debt.? Revisiting the process debt topic, how do we address debt and pay it down?

bpmCamp is only 3 weeks away - time is short (register here!) - and we still have room for registrants.? If you can't make it, make sure someone on your team *does* make it to bpmCamp.? I can guarantee that they'll take home some really interesting learning and experience. IBM Lombardi folks - you're invited.? Come on down.

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