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BPMCAMP is coming in just two weeks to the Four Seasons in Austin.? And as the content has come together I'm excited to be a fly on the wall in some of these sessions:

  • Redefining the COE given what we've learned over the last 8 years and then some
  • How to kick a** at Blueworks Live
  • Understanding production topologies for ODM and Bluemix Rules Services
  • Building modular user interfaces for BPM
  • Deep dive on? BP3's method (RGP) for deploying BPM
  • Updates to Brazos and Neches
  • The science fair, which was a hit last year
  • Meet the BP Labs team - another favorite

And we'll have a lot more sessions covering business, analysis, projects, programs, and value.? And eggs Benedict. Yes, the food will be top notch as well.


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