BPMCAMP Sessions: BPM Trends Kickoff

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Scott Francis

Our CEO, Lance Gibbs, kicked off BPMCAMP with his insights into BPM trends based on the last year's worth of conversations with customers, prospects, and partners.

  • "intelligent BPM" is impacting customer experience, but isn't reaching mainstream capability yet. Inhibitors are only partly technical, and are mostly operational and cultural in nature instead.
  • Three major areas to innovate:? business model, products & services, and processes.
  • Adoption of BPM is in the early majority, no longer considered risky technology to deploy... but it hasn't reached full potential.
  • We can quantify the benefits of customer experience- that revenue per customer can be 140% better than the worst experiences in customer service - and nearly 100% higher than average customer service experiences.
  • In short, there's a massive opportunity to create value for you, and for your customers, if you embrace customer experience, and if you embrace BPM as a way to achieve that experience.

An especially interesting exchange, to me, was when Lance pointed out that there is no reason why these upstarts should be able to take the market from established companies - but they have no one to blame but themselves.? The industries with unhappy customers are inviting that competition.? Companies with extremely happy customers are less likely to be disrupted. There's no reason that incumbents can't create better experiences for their customers.? And that's the opportunity in front of us.


I picked up on that customer experience theme with a focus on how that impacts the way BP3 is organized, and how BP3 invests our resources. We hire great people, we develop them into great consultants, and we surround them with more experience in BPM than any other company on the planet.

Our investments in intellectual property are also key elements to reduce risk the value proposition of BPM.? We reduce the amount of custom development work required - not to mention the ongoing maintenance, through our intellectual property: Brazos UI, Brazos Portal, BP3 Toolkits, Dashboards, Neches, and the RGP Method are all elements of the value proposition BP3 brings to the table to increase the odds of your success as a customer.

In particular we talked more about Brazos UI adoption - well north of 1000 registered developers now, and approaching 100 registered production deployments. We doubled the number of production Brazos Portal installations in the last 2 months.? The best UI for BPM is de-risking hundreds of projects.

Building alternative UI frameworks and portals for a single customer brings with it a lot of costs in terms of dollars and skills, and design.? By leveraging Brazos, our customers can leverage all of our design effort, as well as the investments we make in understanding the BPM platform and its APIs, as well as in understanding browser platforms and target devices and locales.

And what about RGP Method and Neches?? These two are all about how you get quality, maintainable solutions at scale.

But we go beyond intellectual property investment. At BP3 we also organize around customer experience - specifically with the formation of BP Labs, which develops our software, and supports our customers through support centers in the US, UK, Portugal, Ukraine, Australia, and Vietnam.? Our 24x7 BP Labs offering is a huge win for BPM teams-? your team stays focused on developing process solutions, while we worry about helping you with technical hurdles or keeping servers running and tuned.

We're here to really serve our customers.? This business is personal to us - and we take a personal interest in our customers, their processes, and their successes.? That commitment is rewarded by great loyalty and community in our customer base - 57 of whom joined us in Austin in the heat of summer to talk BPM.? That's some serious commitment to mutual success.

Like the good process guys we are, Lance and I wrapped right on time for the first break, ready to kick off some amazing content sessions!



?[UPDATE: interested in BPMCAMP 2016?? The sign-up for information is here! ]

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