BPMCAMP Sessions: Becoming a Blueworks Live Bad A**

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Scott Francis

Krista White and Julie Grassel led a session on becoming a Blueworks Live Badass at BPMCAMP 2015.? Tongue-in-cheek title aside, they shared some serious common sense on succeeding with a modeling tool like Blueworks Live.

Some interesting tidbits were shared, like the fact that Blueworks Live started as a Lombardi Science Fair project - and the success of that experiment led to building a new product to tackle process modeling and simple processes.?

Krista shared advice with regard to organizing your Blueworks Live spaces and elements, setting naming conventions, and administering the environment.? In short, best practices for the organization of your process assets in Blueworks Live.?

Then the focus turned to modeling best practices.? From basics like "why you want your model to be visible on one screen" to more advanced topics like adding SIPOC details to your model. One good example of the value of following the best practices described was the before-and-after presented by Julie near the end of the presentation:

[caption id="attachment_8808" align="alignnone" width="662"]

before applying best practices

before applying best practices[/caption][caption id="attachment_8807" align="alignnone" width="456"]

After applying best practices

After applying best practices[/caption]

This example illustrates one of the critical thinking skills often missing from BPM and process improvement teams - the notion of building the right abstractions and generalizations into the business model - making sure the highest level view is really a view that both business and IT can understand and relate to.

More broadly, all of the lessons covered, while focused on Blueworks Live as the medium, would apply well across a number of business modeling environments.?

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