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The best practitioner event in BPM is in six months: BPMCAMP 2015 in Austin.

Two years ago, we decided to run our internal all-hands meeting like a mini-conference.

Last year, we invited a few customers down to Austin to join us for our mini-conference format all-hands meeting.? It went well.? Really well.? Customers had this to say about BPMCAMP:

"BPMCamp was the best place for a BPM practitioner to rub elbows with people who have both long experience and deep expertise in both practice and platform."

?"BPMCamp gave me a way to have longer conversations with both consultants and customers like me that immediately helped me improve my BPM program. I don?t know where else I could go for that conversation."

?"It was a great opportunity to meet the people who work behind scenes, the experts that I have met through the lab tickets and emails in the past, get to know who they are, the skills and experience they have on top of the excellent customer services they have provided to us in the past"

?"Overall impression: BPMCamp was a fantastic validation of the focus BP3 places on their customers! Your willingness to invite customers to interact with your entire organization highlighted the belief that all staff should be thinking how their daily actions directly impact the customers."

?"I honestly got more helpful content in 1.5 days of BPMCAMP than an entire week of Impact (Interconnect)."

It went so well, that we're going to return to the scene of the crime at the Four Seasons and do it again.? By invitation.? Talk to us if you're interested!

If you prefer ">YouTube, you'll find that version here.

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