Austin is a Great place to Grow a Business

  • August 16, 2016
  • Scott

I just saw an article in the Austin Business Journal – apparently CNBC has named Austin the #1 city for startups:

Owing to its entrepreneurial bent, the quality of its labor pool and its booming population, Austin has been ranked by CNBC as the best place in the nation to launch a startup.

Adding to this, is the Kauffman Foundations report showing that Austin is a great place to grow a business. As someone who has started and grown a business right here in Austin, I have to agree, on both counts.

This week, one growing business has its employees in Austin for the week, and customers coming down to join in the fun.  BP3’s BPMCAMP invites our customers to hear the content we share among ourselves at BP3.  Effectively the conference is for us, but we invite our best customers to join us and learn alongside us.  It just gets better every year, and this year will be no different, as we move to the JW Marriott.  We are part of a community and this is us, giving back to that community.

[vc_video link=”” ratio=”16-9″]

Austin has been a great host for our business as we’ve grown. We’ve been able to attract talent to Austin, and from Austin, and to BP3. We’ve built a business we’re proud of, a business that Austin can be proud of. And we’re still growing, with seven new team members joining us this week. There’s more good news to come, and we’ll just keep working hard to create value!





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