bpmCamp Austin 2010 Cancellation

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Scott Francis

To our BPM/bpmCamp community: We sincerely apologize, but we're going to have to cancel this fall's bpmCamp event in Austin (or, if you prefer, postpone to 2011). ? Notification has already been sent to all registered attendees last week, including refunded registration fees. This blog post is the last step in making sure that anyone interested in attending will know about it. The bad news:? we scheduled this mini-conference at a bad time for people who are "in the field" working on BPM deployments about to go live.? While we had significant interest from all over the country, we had 3/4 of our respondents decline their invitations because of impending process roll-outs in the fall and despite keen interest on attending - and we were starting to see cancellations from previously registered attendees as roll-out schedules interfered with their ability to attend. The good news:? there are a lot of IBM Lombardi BPM? roll-outs in the later part of 2010!? The unfortunate side-effect is that our target audience just isn't free to make it to a 2-day conference as a result! In particular I want to thank Intel, Stanford, and IBM for their ongoing support for bpmCamp - with space, people, know-how, and even sponsorship.? We were really looking forward to hosting everyone down here in Austin and showing off our great city, and it pains me to cancel an event like this.? But we also couldn't ask our fellow practitioners to travel all the way to Austin if we couldn't get the right size and mix of people to make for the kind of compelling event we had at Stanford last time!? So we're going to refocus on making the next Stanford event (June/July 2011) even better, and return to the Austin bpmCamp idea next year, perhaps targeting January 2012- but this time, we'll poll for good dates, and interest, before we set anything in stone - and perhaps set expectations accordingly as to the target audience. I also want to thank everyone who responded for your continued support of our efforts to spur a? BPM community with the kind of practical know-how that can really help individual practitioners get their job done.? All registration fees have been refunded, please let us know if we have introduced any other complications for you, if you were planning on attending. We're going to take this opportunity to make bpmCamp even better next time around.? We're new to running conferences of any sort, and we're still learning - especially with respect to what works in terms of lead time, and timing within the year.? We *do* know what we like to see as attendees at a conference, and part of our goal is to build a conference that our own team is excited about attending (as the Stanford bpmCamp was last year).? The feedback from the Stanford bpmCamp was so overwhelmingly positive that we'll definitely do it again in 2011.? We're going to work with the Stanford folks on timing, and try to get everyone 6-months lead time on the event. As always, I welcome your advice and input for how to get the word out and communicate the value proposition in the future, so that we can plan the best event we can possibly have, and include input from as many of our practitioners as possible. thank you again, the BP3 team!

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