#bpmCamp 2010 Stanford Wiki is Up

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Scott Francis

The official wiki for bpmCamp 2010 is up (and the landing page has been updated accordingly).? The direct link to the wiki is www.bpmCamp.org/wiki which forwards you to a Google "Sites" wiki.? Although it arguably isn't the best wiki product, we use a fair number of Google apps and the wiki functionality has definitely improved over time.? It also doesn't require you to learn a wiki-fied markup language - you just have to remember to click the "Edit Page" button.

Unfortunately I don't didn't see a way to make the site "public" while hosting it in the bp3 subdomain.? So, if you want access drop us an email? (bpmCamp? at? bp-3.com) and I'll get you invited pronto.? Even if you don't think you can attend, you can participate in the wiki discussions.? There's also a mailing list attached to the wiki that you can join (a Google Group for bpmCamp Stanford 2010).

Looking forward to getting the discussions started!? Only 59 days left...

(As Sandy points out below, you can just join the bpmCamp google group to get access to edit the wiki!)

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