BPM Vendor Assessments from MWD

  • December 15, 2008
  • Scott

Just saw this come across my inbox: a new set of vendor assessments from MWD in the BPM space.

It looks like they sell a subscription service, but they’re offering these particular BPM assessments for free in exchange for registration information. Looks like they have assessments for Lombardi, Appian, IBM, Oracle, Software AG, TIBCO, and the newest addition, Pegasystems.

Not sure why they don’t have Intalio or at least some representative from the opensource world, but still its a good set of research to be able to lay hands on at only the cost of some contact information.  There’s also a teaser for a comparison report that will come out soon.

After reading two of the reports, there is a strong product-focus in the reports, but no discussion of financial viability or market presence.  In a way, that’s refreshing as you see too many of these kinds of evaluations colored by areas outside of product capability, as if a healthy balance sheet alone will make the software work better for you as a customer.

On the other hand, like most evaluations of software, some of the subtleties of the software capabilities are missed.  These products don’t all deal with versioning, simulation, integration, and reporting to the same degree of competency, but from reading the descriptions you might feel that they are equivalent in these respects.  I think this is because some of the difficulties of each platform (and strengths!) are not apparent from a demonstration or even the first 5 minutes, but require working on an end-to-end deployment to uncover.  There probably isn’t an economical way for an analyst-firm to get to that level of expertise on all the products in the BPM space. My complements to MWD for getting these reports out in a publicly consumable way!

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