BPM Market Size - How Big?

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Scott Francis

I liked Dave Brakoniecki's analysis of a Kofax - sponsored report from Forrester with interesting BPM market size numbers:

Here are the headlines:

via David Brakoniecki and Kofax

I think the BPM numbers are just about what you'd expect from Forrester or one of the big analyst firms - 14-15% CAGR on what they see to be a growing market (though, the growth rates are wildly divergent within this market, depending on the vendor).

The vertical SPA market was interesting, in particular:

This interpretation reflects what I see in the market with most BPM vendors trying to sell solutions, not technology, with various degrees of success but capture tends to be an established market with different buying trends and vendors.? A more accurate picture of the competitve marketplace is probably to group BPM and vertical SPAs together and leave Capture as a separate market.

I think David has it right-? Vertical SPAs are BPM in "solution" clothing.? And it isn't clear yet whether these solutions will come primarily from the BPM vendors or from services providers or integrators.? They're estimating quite the compound growth rate:? 59%!

BPM market size and growth rates are, of course, of great interest to independent, pure-play BPM firms like BP3.? So folks like David and I would love to see more BPM firms release real numbers - so that we can, in a sense, fact-check what the analysts are reporting on market size and growth.? Ironically, it is easier to get information out of small consulting firms than big software companies!

If anyone thought BPM vendors were going to stop looking for differentiation and competitive edge, they were mistaken.

(Side note: I'd be very interested in other people's opinions on market size, CAGR, etc. - for both software and services - feel free to comment below! )

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