BPM for Managing Work at Scale, Digital Transformation for Transparent Work

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Scott Francis

One of the best statements about the future of BPM was buried in the fourth paragraph of Neil Ward-Dutton's post on his experience on a panel at IBM Impact this year, so we'll talk about it first:

BPM is making work more manageable at scale; digital transformation is making the working environment more open and transparent.

If you're looking for how BPM is relevant given the transformation happening in technology use, this is it.

And what is the "digital transformation" you ask?? It is the impact of the 4 major tech trends:

The theme was about the future of BPM and among other things, we were asked to talk about the impact of the ?big 4? technology trends that everyone talks about ? Social, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics ? on BPM discipline, business cases and results over the coming years.

I am still upset that I missed this talk, but I was double-booked thanks to some interviews with IBM - no helping that! So this was the first insight I had into their panel discussion.? And it sounds like I missed a good one!

We?d all been talking about the impact of social, mobile, cloud computing and big data as isolated concerns in the context of business processes; but really, they?re all very much connected together.

Absolutely agree.? Even if you take out one of the elements, the others still play well together. For example, setting big-data aside - social, mobile, and cloud still affect your business collectively as well as individually.? This game can be played with each one separately.

At BP3, we hit the mobile and cloud aspects of our service offering early and repeatedly.? It is the iterations and turns on the crank that got us to a point where we are really happy and excited about both.? It turns out that social networks are quite robust - no need to reinvent the wheel - but I have a feeling we'll find some interesting ways to incorporate social into our offering as well.? It feels to me as though Big Data analytics is the long-tail of BPM.? There's a use case, a value proposition - but too many firms are still in the midst of rolling out BPM initiatives which would collect that data - rather than rolling out analytics to process the data.


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