BPM Certification

  • June 2, 2008
  • Lance

Last year, OMG made some significant advances in specifications in BPM-related spaces. We now have a BPMN 1.1 spec, a beta of the BPDM (Business Process Definition Metamodel) spec for data representation of BPMN models, and two interesting business-oriented models, the BMM (Business Motivation Model), and the BPMM (Business Process Maturity Model).  We have a mix of both technical and business-oriented specifications for defining business process and improving business process. OMG is now making public its OMG Expert Certification in BPM program (OCEB), and also published the list of 25 experts who helped put the certification exam together. BP3 Played a role in both the business and the technical aspects of the fundamental exam, and we are now writing questions for the Intermediate exams. This is probably a good time to thank OMG and specifically Jon Siegel for doing such a good job organizing this effort. BP3 got involved with the OCEB effort (OMG Certified Expert in BPM) first, because BPM is our area of primary interest as professionals. But second, certifications prior to this one tended to be software-vendor-specific, the OCEB offered the opportunity to have a more comprehensive and collaborative examination of what it means to be fundamentally qualified as a BPM professional. We also have an interest in both perspectives of BPM – business and technical – and as a team we bring both types of expertise to the table, which we thought would be a healthy perspective to lend to the working group. In talking with Janelle Hill from Gartner last year she advised that the pool of professionals truly qualified and experienced with BPM is woefully thin, to expect that trend to worsen, and that by 2011 the industry will be in dire straights unless additional professionals come into the fold and earn their stripes. This comment certainly resonated with what we know is the current state of the union. I think OMG is doing a good thing here and I hope we see more practioners enter the fray. It’s good for all of us!

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