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We've updated our service offering. No, we're not actually doing different things out there in the field, but we're working toward explaining it better. We'll continue to explain in a series of blog posts and updates to our content. We previously unveiled parts of our approach in Lance's post about defining BPM, and in a previous post of mine about working on this framework on our whiteboard at the office.

It starts with the chart below:

BPM Framework for BP3

The themes (or pillars) of our framework are Visibility, Control, and Performance. Horizontal bands give you the rough timeline, as well as high-level phase or activity description. The right hand columns inform us on the expected benefits and outputs from that phase. At the bottom of the chart, you can see the overall outcomes of the program. For Visibility: Increased Capability. For Control: Increased Repeatability and Reproducibility. And for Performance: A Breakthrough Benefit (rather than incremental).

To take an example... Across all three themes, if you are just getting started, you spend the first 1-2 weeks doing Process Definition. In the Visibility theme this means Value Stream Analysis. In the Control theme it means prioritization and selection. And in the Performance theme it means Process Charter. The benefit is a $ benefit identified and cost-avoidance of taking on projects that don't have cost-benefit, and the key output is root and contributing cause identification.

Once we figure out which theme we either are focused on or should focus on, and we figure out how far down the pillar we've already traveled, we can give you a pretty good idea of what the typical ROI of that next step is, and we can give you a pretty good idea of what the typical ROI of that step is when you don't execute the previous steps vs. when you do execute those previous steps.

Check out the revised services page here, where you'll also find links to further detail on each of the three themes above.

Expect to hear more from us on the subject on this space. But by all means, feel free to reach out to us directly for more information. We'd love to hear from you.

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