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Scott Francis

Well, this is by no means the whole story of BP3 starting up, but extemporaneously I relayed some of it in this interview with theCube.? I recall meeting over coffee on Sunday mornings many times socially - because it was the only day of the week we could guarantee a regular time to meet.? Eventually in one of our coffee meetups the conversation turned toward what we would do next, and what that would look like.? And some time after that the discussion got serious and more immediate about starting up BP3.

What's your startup story @sfrancisatx ? #ibminterconnect #theCUBE #CUBEgems pic.twitter.com/EobiboqvpO
? theCUBE (@theCUBE) March 21, 2017

Lance and I just saw an opportunity to build a company from the ground up based on what we believed were principles that could take us places. That business process was an area where we could make our small dent in the universe.? That our life experience leading up to that point could take us further in a new entity.? Focusing on customer experience, building up our customer base gradually, and surrounding ourselves with the best people we could find.

We always knew we could be more than a services company.? More than a "BPM" company.? But we knew that because it started with the fact that we love innovating with customers.? The rest would follow from that core - and we'd start by innovating with BPM and services... but over time we'd learn some new chords and riffs to bring into our repertoire.

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