BP3's Recommended #IBMIMPACT Agenda: Tuesday April 29th

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Scott Francis

We?re going to share our recommended sessions with all of our blog readers, starting with day one in a previous post.? There are too many sessions in each time slot to make it to all of these unless you share notes with friends.? For that reason, I invite anyone who wants to share notes with us, to send me a message on twitter or via the contact page to get my personal email address so that you can send us your notes, which I can synthesize into blog posts after Impact in order to share a broader perspective on the sessions with everyone.

Let?s continue? with Day Two: Tuesday April 29th:

?8:30am. ?General session. Again, a lot of people get a bit jaded and skip the general session on the second day.? I'd still recommend going.? Yes it is IBM executives marketing to you, but there's real content about the direction IBM is going in these general sessions, and real customer stories that you can glean inspiration from.? For extra fun, see if the Fake Steve Mills twitter account is in action this year.

10:30am.? Our recommendations include:

  • Mobile Smarter Processes (SPD-2732) - Room Palazzo L.? In this session you have a few folks from IBM product covering considerations, use cases, and product capabilities from IBM BPM for mobile.
  • "How to Build an Actionable Roadmap to Achieve Process Excellence and Measurabsle Business Outcomes" (SPP-1793), in Room Palazzo N, promises to help you build a process inventory aligned with business objectives.
  • If you can get in, there's a round table with John Reynolds: "A (Smarter Process) Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" - SCU-3268, in room Zeno 4708.
  • A client case study on Claims Management from Portuguese insurer, CSA (SCU-1578), in room Lido 3101 B.
  • Kuwait Airlines has an interesting combination of IBM products in their session (SCU-1950) - Cast Iron, BPM,? along with SAP.?? Room Lido 3103.
  • Finally, Jim Alcorn is leading a roundtable on visibility into the what and when with IBM Business Monitor (SPD-3225) in room Zeno 4704.
  • If you want a break from BPM and Smarter Process, you might want to check out the keynote on Watson and the Art of the Possible-? combining Cognitive systems with Mobile (KEY-2911), in Room Venetian E.


12:00.? Grab a box lunch and join us for our box lunch session: "Build Beautiful Mobile and Desktop UI's Using IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Worklight, & Brazos (SPP-3322)", In room Delfino 4001 A.? We'll be providing a tutorial for building a UI from scratch with Brazos.? We'll have a couple extra technical folks in the room to answer questions as well.? This is a great session for technical consultants and solution engineers to better understand the nuts and bolts of how something like Brazos works.

1:00.? For 1pm, we recommend:

  • Panel Discussion: Achieving Desired Business Outcomes with Smarter Process (SCU-1600) - this looks like a great panel discussion in room Lido 3005.
  • "Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Enabling BPM while Creating a Digital Mobile Architecture" (SCU-1937, Room Lido 3101 B) - Aetna is presenting their approach to a digital mobile architecture and BPM. (I can't help but think that this strategy will be enhanced by adding Brazos UI Toolkit to the mix for BPM.)
  • "Build Test & Deploy Killer Mobile Applications" (DMA 3459) - I'm assuming they mean Killer in the "good" sense.?? Room Sands 301. (If I remember right, this might be below the Sands expo center).
  • There's a session for introductions to Blueworks Live - (SPD-2902) in room Lido 3105.
  • The marriage of BPM and Case Management is alive and well - Session SPD-1114 in Room Palazzo L is a good opportunity to hear about this (presented by IBM).

2:15.? In this time slot:

  • Roundtable: IBM BPM Mobile Customer feedback (SCU-3224) - this is a good chance to get feedback into the IBM product management function.
  • State Farm made the transition from IBM Websphere Process Server to IBM BPM (SCU-2018) - and so can you.? Learn more in this session, in room Lido 3101 B.
  • Delivering Value through Smarter Processes and Saving Lives (SCU-1678) in room Marcello 4403.? Healthcare and BPM are a good combination.
  • If you want to learn more about performance and scalability, SPP-1427 in room Palazzo L is a good bet to learn more.
  • For the ODM folks, there's a "Meet the Experts" session with IBM ODM implementation tips from the trenches.

3:45. The sessions at 3:45pm are as follows

  • Costco, a BP3 customer, is presenting alongside our partner Salient Process, on the subject of scaling BPM adoption from project to program with IBM BPM.? This should be a timely topic for a lot of attendees.
  • "The Mobile Enterprise- Driving the need for Better Decisions and Smarter Processes" (SPD-2798) in room Lando 4201 A.? Amen. This is a great topic.
  • Stephen White (of BPMN fame) is leading a Roundtable : "The Curious Case of the Adaptive Process"
  • "IBM BPM Implementation Tips from the Trenches" (SPP-3297 - in room San Polo 3504).
  • Nationwide is presenting their IBM ODM Journey in Session SCU-2021, room Lido 3005.
  • A two hour session for Hands-on with IBM BPM and Unstructured Processes. SPD-1797, in room Murano 3301 B.
  • Smart Business Processes align Master Data Management and BPM Projects (SEP-1649) in room Palazzo M. John Reynolds and Anderson Norman presenting.


5:00.? Okay, we're in the home stretch... if you still have energy, there's a ton of good content still to come!

  • The best session of the hour (I'm biased) will be the one with a team of IBM-ers and Partners presenting, including our very own Ivan Kornienko, and our former Lombardi colleague John Reynolds.? "How to Build a Better User Experience with IBM Coach Views" - SPD-3304, in room Marcello 4503.?
  • Roundtable: Smarter Process, Social Process.? (SPD-3267), in room Zeno 4707
  • Technical Deep Dive - Best practices for visibility and insight solutions (SPD-1786) in room Palazzo M.
  • Best practices as presented by IBM with IBM BPM - in room Lido 3105.

6:30:? Expo Networking Reception at the Solution Expo.? Again, we recommend coming to this and check out BP3 at Booth #406.

7:30:? Imagine Dragons perform right next door to the Solution Center.

You made it through Day 2.? Now you're on the home stretch!



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