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>We're going to share our recommended sessions with all of our blog readers.? There are too many sessions in each time slot to make it to all of these unless you share notes with friends.? For that reason, I invite anyone who wants to share notes with us, to send me a message on twitter or via the contact page to get my personal email address so that you can send us your notes, which I can synthesize into blog posts after Impact in order to share a broader perspective on the sessions with everyone.

Let's start with Day One: Monday April 28th:

General Session.? I'm sure a lot of jaded conference attendees skip the general session, but that would be a mistake at IBM Impact.? First off, the speakers are usually quite good. Second, the content sets the tone for every discussion that happens the rest of the conference.? Get some coffee down and get to the general session. This one is focused on "The New Composable Business" and promises to be a good one.? I am betting it will tie together three favorite themes of BP3:? Process, Mobile, and Cloud.? But you may have to read between the lines to notice that the only point to having all that infrastructure and mobile access to it is if you have business (processes) to conduct!

Finally, I'm guessing you're going to wish you had a video wall at home that was as impressive as IBM's at Impact.

10:30.? Here are the sessions we'd recommend taking a look at at the 10:30 slot:

  • BPM Enterprise Adoption: Field Tips to Avoid Hitting the Wall - Lido 3105.? This is about crossing the chasm from project to program, and it promises to be a good discussion.
  • Hands-on Introduction to IBM BPM - Murano 3205.? If you're not familiar with IBM BPM, this is your chance to lay hands on in a lab environment.
  • If you're security focused, the "What's New in IBM BPM Security" session - Delfino 4001 A - will be your best bet.
  • If none of these floats your boat, stop by the BP3 booth #406 in the Solution Center and say hi to our team, which will be setting up and answering questions all day.

12:20. ?If you want a quick 20 minute session at the EXPO theater, Ryan Trollip is presenting on the Business Trilogy of Business Process Management, Rules, and Analytics.

1:00. Here are the sessions we recommend for 1pm:

  • The star of this time slot will, no doubt, be the ANICO session with Vincent Johnson of ANICO and Lance Gibbs of BP3. Session SCU-2878: "ANICO's Success with BPM - Just Add BP3 and Smarter Process" - Tales from ANICO's trip to self sufficiency with IBM BPM. Room Lido 3103
  • If you're not looking for a great client success story, Process Modeling at Enterprise Scale Using IBM Blueworks Live & IBM BPM is in room Lido 3105.
  • Using Agile to Accelerate BPM in the Enterprise - in Delfino 3001 A.

2:30.? Recommended sessions for 2:30pm:

  • Reinventing Business Operations with Mobile & Cloud for Greater Customer-centricity and Topline Growth - KEY-1689.? This is a Keynote talk with a panel of experts.? While it isn't specifically about PROCESS, it sets the stage - these are the IT environmental factors driving changes in how to deploy and access your business processes.? Your business is the reason for these things to exist, but you want to understand the context in which BPM will be playing over the next few years. Mobile and Cloud is where it will be increasingly interfacing. Room Palazzo M.

4:00.? Recommended sessions for 4pm:

  • What's New in IBM BPM - Lido 3005.? John Reynolds and Matthias Kloppmann will explain what is new in this session.? If you haven't been part of the Early Access or Beta programs, this is a good way to get up to speed quickly on new features being released in the next IBM BPM version.
  • Smarter Process Goes Mobile - in Room Murano 3205.? This is a 2 hour hands-on-session, so if you're technical and into BPM and Mobile, this is a good session.? (Shameless plug: However, if you go to this, do me a favor and afterward, go to https://www.bp-3.com/brazos and REGISTER for BP3's Brazos, because it will greatly enhance the look and feel of your mobile BPM solutions with IBM BPM and WorkLight.? You will not be sorry!)
  • Top Practices to ensure successful IBM BPM Migration - SPD 2770, Room Palazzo M.? There are a few runs of this session throughout the conference, this is just your first chance to catch the migration topic.? Again, I'd say this is worth attending.? However, when you're done, check out migration on the BP Labs page - BP3 is hands down the most experienced provider of migrations for IBM BPM, it would be crazy not to evaluate our offering to help you migrate from older versions of either Lombardi Teamworks or IBM BPM.
  • To better understand how to leverage Geolocation in your decisions, go to Session SPD-1944 in Room Lido 3103.
  • Wanhua Chemical's Financial Sharing Center Solution, Room Palazzo I.? There are several sessions on integration of IBM BPM and SAP - this is just the first of many.
  • Keybank : Building Flexible Process & Servicing Solutions on IBM BPM, Room Lido 3101 B.? Keybank has had a successful implementation of IBM BPM over a long enough period of time to make this kind of session interesting.
  • Keynote: Give your Application an Unfair Advantage - in room Palazzo L.? I have to admit, I'm a big believer in giving your application a killer feature (or unfair advantage).

Okay, that's a lot for just one time-slot.? But that's how it is at Impact. Spread out, network, and take good notes!

5:15.? For 5:15, here are our best bets:

  • CSE has a session on improving Loan Origination with IBM BPM - a common and valuable use case for mortgage providers.? SCU-2279, Room Lido 3103.
  • STEMAC is presenting a session on improved efficiencies leveraging IBM BPM and ODM.? SCU-1491, in Room Lido 3101 B.
  • There's a Roundtable on Smarter Process, Social Process. These tend to be small rooms in the past, so show up early if you intend to go - SPD-3267, in Room Zeno 4707.
  • Better Business Outcomes Through visibility & Insight with IBM Business Monitor - Room Palazzo F.
  • Chris Richardson of IBM has a session on High Availability and Disaster Recovery with IBM BPM-? SPD-1425, Room Palazzo L.? If you're doing HA and DR, this will be a good session to attend or get notes from.

5:30.? Yes, that's right. The Monday Solution Center EXPO Networking Reception starts at 5:30.?

We'll be there at Booth #406.? You'll know it is us, by the big black BP3 backdrop near the entrance to the Solution Expo.? We have some great software to show off, and a few surprises that will be worth coming to check out, and we'll be there in force to listen, answer questions, and offer our help.? We'll also have a few swag items that will come in handy for the rest of the conference (limited supply, IBM customers only!)

By the time the Networking Reception ends at 7:30, most of us will be worn out and ready for a dinner out in Vegas.? There are too many good restaurants to name, but I'd recommend trying Tao Asian Bistro, as a particular favorite.










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