BP3 Takes Second Place at bpmNEXT

  • May 1, 2017
  • Scott

Congrats to our team – we finished second in the voting for Best in Show at bpmNEXT 2017!  For those who aren’t familiar from our blog, bpmNEXT is the conference for showing off what’s new (or on the drawing board) to your peers.  I want to congratulate Ivan and our team back in Austin for producing a great product and demonstration, and also thanks to Nathaniel, Bruce, and Heather for having us participate. It is always a tough but friendly competition at bpmNEXT and an honor to be up there with the others.

We showed Brazos CX Insights to our tough audience of industry experts and got some great feedback that will help us make it even better, including this bit from the MWD Advisors blog:

“Neil was particularly struck by BP3’s continued focus on adding value to business process projects through the Brazos platform. BP3 presented the new Brazos CX Insights, which delivers application usage insights; much like you might get from Google Analytics or Mixpanel. By working with metadata that a process application commonly makes available for other purposes (for example relating to user segmentation) Brazos CX Insights helps application developers segment user’s challenges, enabling them to improve their overall experience.”

We think Brazos CX Insights will add a lot of value to our customers’ efforts to build great customer experiences.

[FYI We also won our very own copy of Mastering the Unpredictable while we were at it (thank you Keith!)  seen pictured on our conference room table (yes, that is a reclaimed bowling alley wood table… because we’re not just about process for software and business, but also for tables).]

I’m already looking forward to next year’s bpmNEXT – we already have some fun stuff in the works to show next year…

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