BP3?s Recommended #IBMIMPACT Agenda: Wednesday April 30th

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Scott Francis

We?re going to share our recommended sessions with all of our blog readers, starting with day one in a previous post.? There are too many sessions in each time slot to make it to all of these unless you share notes with friends.? For that reason, I invite anyone who wants to share notes with us, to send me a message on twitter or via the contact page to get my personal email address so that you can send us your notes, which I can synthesize into blog posts after Impact in order to share a broader perspective on the sessions with everyone.

Let?s continue? with Day Three: Wednesday April 30th:

8:30.? The General Session on Day 3 is invariably lightly attended compared to the first two days.? But this is also when they break out special guest speaker Kevin Spacey.? Also speaking: Mychelle Mollot, Michael Curry, Gennaro Cuomo, Elaine Kalinoski Granoff, and James Fairweather.

10:30. Once again, there are several choices at 10:30 for BPM topics:

  • If you haven't seen Franclim Bento's previous presentations on the subject of how BES approaches BPM, you should attend this one.? They take a minimalist approach to enable thousands of processes, rather than engineering all the processes up front. SCU-2417, Room Delfino 4105.
  • For a change of pace, you can learn more about jQuery and mobile UI from Andrew Smith and Kris Borchers - DMA-3463, in Room Sands 301.
  • Asian Paints is presenting on their BPM journey - Session SCU-2248, in room Lido 3103.? This is the story of how Asia's 3rd largest paint producer leveraged IBM BPM to transform their sales, marketing, and HR processes.
  • If you're looking for more information about IBM's take on BPM in the Cloud, "Meet the Experts: Smarter Process for Cloud- SPD-3294" in room San Polo 3503 is your best bet.? If you miss this session or are looking for more information though, find someone from BP3 and talk about how we can help you put BPM in the cloud.
  • John Reynolds is leading another round table on "The Curious Case of the Adaptive Process" - session SPD-3266, in room Zeno 4708.
  • In parallel, a session on Dynamic processes and Case Management in IBM BPM is going on (SPD-1114) in room Palazzo M.
  • Driving Sales & Profits with Smarter Processes- the story of a New Zealand financial institution increasing yields through better process. SCU-1530, in room Lido 3101B.

1:00. There are a lot of good sessions at 1pm.

  • Mobile Smarter Processes (SPD-2732)- in this session, Marco Barcella and Deepak Elias will be presenting mobile options for IBM BPM - and there might be a little surprise included in their presentation for those of you that are BP3 fans and curious what we've been up to. If you haven't caught it by this point in the conference, it's time.
  • If you're looking for more "project-to-program" material, Karen Butner and Samuel Antoun are discussing how to create the smarter enterprise with Smarter Process - Session SPP-1615, in room Lido 3105.
  • I think the better BPM+Cloud session with Bill Lawton is this one - "Three Steps to Success: Leverage Cloud for Process Improvement Projects" (SPD-1850) in room Lando 4201 A.
  • If you want a two-hour hands-on with Blueworks Live, there's a session in Murano 3205 (SPD-2320).

2:15.? Another round of BPM sessions:

  • There are two Business Monitor sessions that looked interesting:? "20/20-Integrated Monitoring - SCU-2440" in Room Lido 3101 B, and "Roundtable: IBM Business Monitor- See What is Needed, When its needed- SPD-3225" in room Zeno 4704.
  • IBM BPM and Enterprise Content Management - this should be a good session with a discussion of how these technologies play nice together. SEP-1115, in room Lido 3105.
  • Another Mobile Smarter Process session - SPP-1806, in room Palazzo M.

3:45.? Nearing the home stretch.? Roundtables and practical sessions...

  • Roundtable: Right Information + Right Time + Right Context = Better Business Outcomes (SPD-2193), in room Zeno 4704.
  • Roundtable: Governance and Rule Changes (SCU-3284) in Room Zeno 4708.
  • I'd recommend the "growing an IBM BPM Development Team" session (SPP-2030 in room Lido 3101 B) - but there aren't any speakers listed, so I'm not sure how this session will work.? But, if IBM is looking for volunteers happy to stand in and help, this is a BP3 specialty!
  • If you're an SAP customer, "Smarter Process - What's New for SAP?" is probably a good choice (SEP-1810, room Lido 3103).

5:00.? Home stretch time.? One more session to choose from the following:

  • Roundtable: IBM BPM Mobile Customer Feedback - SCU-3224, in room Zeno 4708.? A chance to give the IBMers some feedback on mobile features and aspects of IBM BPM.
  • ODM + Worklight.? SCU-2525, in room Palazzo M.
  • "IBM Smarter Process & IBM PureApplication solutions optimize Pharmacy Operations (SCU-2467)" in room Palazzo L.? If you're interested in Pure App and how IBM BPM plays in that space, this is it.
  • One more SAP session:? "Don't Bend It, Extend It - a Best Practice use of SAP - MCU-2666" in room Lido 3005.

And if you've made it this far, there's only one more day - Thursday!







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