BP3?s Recommended #IBMIMPACT Agenda: Thursday May 1st

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We?re going to share our recommended sessions with all of our blog readers, starting with day one in a previous post.? There are too many sessions in each time slot to make it to all of these unless you share notes with friends.? For that reason, I invite anyone who wants to share notes with us, to send me a message on twitter or via the contact page to get my personal email address so that you can send us your notes, which I can synthesize into blog posts after Impact in order to share a broader perspective on the sessions with everyone.

Let?s continue? with Day Three: Thursday May 1st:

First off, if you're still at the conference Thursday, and you have the opportunity to meet with others who are still at the conference, take advantage of the networking opportunities. The pace tends to slow down and people are more than happy to stop for a cup of coffee or a meal together.

9am.? Finally a little extra sleep, right?

  • In this slot, the number one recommendation would be "Wells Fargo's Journey: How it Migrated Customized Applications into IBM BPM - SCU-2662" in room Lido 3101 B.? This division of Wells Fargo has one of the longest running production implementations of BPM - one that many of my colleagues at Lombardi and BP3 touched at one time or another.? However, real credit goes to Wells Fargo for sustaining this BPM practice through thick and thin over the last 10 years.
  • "Using Agile to Accelerate BPM in the Enterprise" (SPP-1184) in room Lido 3105. Many organizations would benefit from adopting at least *some* agile practices in their BPM delivery approach.? BPM without agile practices is really leaving ROI on the table unclaimed.
  • "Enabling an Intelligent Enterprise: Theory & Practice - IEC-1137" in Room Palazzo H.? This sounds like an interesting take on when and how to apply ODM and Integration Bus to your business.
  • If you're interested in BPM in a Health care application, "Improving Public Health: A BPM Story from Diagnosis to Clinical Treatment (SCU-2157)".? We've often said that at volume, Healthcare is a business that would benefit from the application of basic BPM concepts, and here's the proof.

10:30.? Only two sessions jumped out at me from this time slot:

  • "The Art of Assessment: Techniques for Gaining Lasting Business Buy-in Before Starting a BPM Project - SCU-2849" - on of our BP Labs subscription customers, CUNA Mutual is presenting this session, which should be a fantastic insight into how they justify projects at CUNA using Blueworks Live and Six Sigma/Lean.? If you're still around Thursday morning this is the session to be at. Room Lido 3105.
  • If you've got a more ODM state of mind, Mastercard is presenting how it utilizes IBM ODM to implement fraud solutions for payments - SCU-2833 in Room Lido 3101 B.

1:00.? For 1pm, a nice variety of sessions, actually:

  • For a Roundtable - a chance to give feedback on IBM BPM Mobile (SCU-3224) in Room Zeno 4708.
  • For a Client Case Study: Integrating Healthcare Revenue Cycle Applications Using IBM BPM (SCU-2944) in room Delfino 4101 B.? This is how Cerner connects providers and payers and other third-party vendors to reduce costs.
  • For an Architecture session:? "IBM BPM Production Topologies (SPD-2832)" in room Palazzo M.? If you're interested in how to deploy IBM BPM in a variety of topologies this should be a good session.

2:15.? Last recommendations:

  • "Responsive Design for Multi-channel Mobile Application Development" - this might be an interesting departure from BPM focus. (AAD-1279, in room Palazzo O).
  • "Reinforce Internal Controls & Improve Operational Efficiency - SCU 3129" - in room Lido 3103.
  • "IBM Websphere Foundation & BPM - INO-2976" in room Palazzo I.

If you made it this far, time to hit the pool and relax.

Hope our recommendations have helped save you a little time browsing IBM's schedule and point you toward some high-value sessions.




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