BP3 Releases Brazos Portal for Activiti BPM

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Our Open Source Software BPM division, under the leadership of Greg Harley, is doing great work.? Open Source BPM has never had an interface like this.? Until a few months ago, even commercial BPM packages didn't have user interfaces like this.? So why are we doing it?? BP3 is innovating the customer experience for BPM.? We started with user interface, but in our mind that customer experience focus goes deep - all the way to supporting product, and managed services.? Congrats to our team- this is a great milestone accomplishment.? If you're building processes with Activiti, you should be registering for the Brazos Portal and working with Greg's team.

From our press release announcing the release of Brazos Portal for Activiti BPM:

BP3 Releases Brazos Portal for Activiti BPM

BP3 (https://www.bp-3.com), innovator in business process management (BPM) software and services, has announced the release of Brazos Portal? for Activiti, a customizable, user-friendly alternative to the out-of-the-box BPM process portal aimed at Activiti users. Brazos Portal for Activiti comes on the heels of BP3?s partnership with Alfresco Software to provide implementation services for Alfresco Activiti Enterprise customers. This latest edition to the Brazos Suite? of BPM end-user tools joins a line of products that are in use at over 50 live deployments, with over 600 registered developers. ?The Brazos Suite is really changing the way people work, and the way they think of process in general,? said Lance Gibbs, CEO.

Brazos Portal for Activiti puts the power of task management into the hands of Activiti Enterprise customers. It retains the hallmark features of the original Brazos Portal, such as the fast filtering technology that allows users to customize the organization of their work, and the innovative TaskDrive? that filters work with a simple click, rather than requiring users to type into a search field.

While Brazos Portal was not originally built for open source platforms, the architecture behind it supports adaptation to multiple BPM platforms and provides a single federated interface for all tasks, regardless of which BPM system the tasks originate. Brazos Portal for Activiti can run stand-alone in its own Java environment or share an environment with Activiti.

?We are very excited to expand Brazos Portal to Activiti users and the Activiti BPM ecosystem,? said Greg Harley, BP3?s Director of Special Projects. ?As the only North American Activiti partner, we are committed to contributing to the BPM community and ensuring all BPM users have access to the best tools possible. We look forward to continuing to work with Alfresco to create a top-notch BPM experience for Activiti Enterprise customers across a broad range of experiences.?

With the release of Brazos Portal for Activiti, BP3 now offers Portal adapters for IBM BPM and Activiti, with others in the pipeline. Brazos Portal for Activiti is free with registration, and will be available for download with starting on September 29th on the BP3 site: http://info.bp-3.com/brazos_portal/.

BP3 is a provider of business process management (BPM) software and services, with more experience deploying BPM solutions throughout the Fortune 500 than any other independent firm. Since 2007, BP3 has been accelerating innovation for its customers by simplifying business process solutions and focusing on mobile-enabled BPM solutions. BP3 offers a unified responsive user experience via the Brazos Suite, and provides an array of services for BPM customers: consulting, solution support, 24x7 support, and managed services. A winner of Austin's Best Places to Work and multiple Austin Fast 50 growth awards, BP3 is privately held and headquartered in Austin, TX with consultants based nation-wide. For more information, please visit https://www.bp-3.com.


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