BP3 on MWD's Radar

  • May 9, 2016
  • Scott

On the heels of new product releases Friday, it feels like an appropriate time to talk about an analyst report on BP3:

MWD recently published a report in their “on the radar” series about BP3 and our market-leading Brazos UI offering.  In fact you can get the full report by registering here on our site.

MWD does a good job of reviewing BP3, and what we do.  But also, the products we offer to the market, with an in-depth look at Brazos UI.  And even with all the in-depth coverage of BP3 as an up-and-coming services and software provider in the BPM market, we’re generating news that would change the report in Q2, starting with our acquisition of one of the best decision management teams on the planet. And there’s more news to come this quarter.

The key take away from the report is just how dominant and useful Brazos is to the IBM BPM ecosystem. BP3 pioneered responsive and mobile UI for IBM BPM, and pioneered the use of modern day Javascript and CSS frameworks in a BPM context. Brazos is still the fastest and most productive way to build great user interfaces for IBM BPM. Moreover, it has the consistent backing of the largest independent BPM services firm, BP3.




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