BP3 is BPM: Why We Do What We Do for IBM Impact and our Customers

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[Editor's Note: This was posted on the IBM Impact Blog - re-posted here for the convenience of our regular RSS readers!]

We're excited about our 4th year at IBM Impact.? Every year we've increased our investment.? The first year, immediately following the Lombardi acquisition, I could barely make room on our calendar to get to the conference.

If you recall, Lombardi's day-long sessions were literally standing room only, in a room half the size it needed to be, with half the air-conditioning required to keep us comfortable.? I talked about bpmCamp - a Lombardi-centric BPM gathering at Stanford University.? A lot has changed since then!? Phil Gilbert is now GM of the Design Group at IBM.? There's new leadership in BPM at IBM.? And BPM is bigger than ever.

Every year we've increased our investment in Impact, because our experience the previous year led us to make the investment.? In 2012 we became a sponsor for the first time.? And this year a silver sponsor.? We're bringing 10 people this year - so IBM Impact is a great chance to get to know our business leadership, our relationship team, and our technical leadership.

But investing dollars in the conference isn't really what this is about.? The real question is why does BP3 invest in all the technology we invest in alongside IBM BPM?? Why did we introduce BPM Deploy (IBM BPM on Amazon EC2) a full year before anyone else could do it?? Why did we invest in migration tools to help heritage Lombardi customers move to IBM BPM?? Why did we build quality analysis tools and metrics for our customers?? Why are we offering important toolkits for free to our customers?? Why are we building market-leading mobile solutions for IBM BPM?? Why do we work so hard to make our deployments successful?? Why did we create a whole team (BP Labs) just to invest in BPM innovation?

We're doing it all to make BPM easier for our customers and for early adopters.? A customer's concerns don't stop once they make the decision to buy software and sign on the dotted line.? Buying software is just the beginning of a journey into learning new tools and solving new problems, and they're going to be worried.?

BP3's mission is to make BPM easy.?

And we're going to show some things at IBM Impact that really illustrate how much we can help make BPM easy for you

  • BP Strategy - Rich Phillips is coming to Impact on the heels of publication of a brand new book that is the COO's manifesto:? The COO Revolution. Our strategy offering connects "managing by process" with the strategy and objectives of your firm.? It sounds easy conceptually - just like BPM.? But the devil is in the details, and our team is here to help you realize the alignment you need.
  • BP Deploy - We make it easy to get IBM BPM up and running.? Bring your own software, and we'll take care of the rest, in the cloud.
  • BP Labs - come talk to us - and Andrew Paier specifically - about all the great things we're doing in BP Labs to make it easier to have a great experience with IBM BPM. On top of everything else, our team is nearly 10% of the posts on BPM in developerWorks.
  • BP Mobility - in particular, you owe it to your BPM initiative to come check out our new Brazos UI.? We've been working on it for the last 9 months and it looks great.? You can build truly beautiful user interfaces in IBM BPM's Process Designer.? And then turn around and that same interface looks beautiful on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device - touch interface and all!? It's literally: One Development Environment. One Toolkit.? One interface.? Any Platform.

But maybe you don't believe a UI can look great on your browser, and still look amazing on your iPhone.? Do me a favor and?watch the video - I think we'll change your mind!

We've put up a page with all of our IBM Impact activities so that you can keep track of BP3 all in one place.? We'll be speaking with UMB Bank Tuesday afternoon, and Andrew Paier is participating in a Mobile BPM session Tuesday at 5:15pm.? Rich Phillips is participating in a couple of book signings:

  • Monday 3:30 at the bookstore
  • Wednesday 9:45am at the bookstore

Additionally, I'm participating in a couple of sessions that promise to be fun:

  • A Champion's Corner talk: "Mobile for BPM. BPM for Mobile" - a reprise of our bpmNEXT presentation with a few updates.? We'll follow the presentation with a brief demo by Ivan Kornienko.? Moinday 1:30pm PST at the Champions Corner.
  • I'm participating in a Social Media Roundtable Monday at 2:30pm PST in the Business Partner Cafe
  • Giving an Ignite talk at approximately 12:22pm on Wednesday - hopefully in time to make it to a 1pm appointment!

We're also saying thank you to our customers with a happy hour on Tuesday night.? It is just our small way of saying thanks for being such great partners with us over the last 6 years.

Doing right by our customers is our first priority.? Starting there, and with our obvious depth of expertise in BPM, everything else follows.? Because we're doing right by our customers, we're investing in making BPM easy for them.

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