BP3 is BPM: Speaking and Interviewing at #IBMImpact

  • May 21, 2013
  • Scott

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This year we did more interviews and talks than ever before at IBM Impact.  We’re recapping our involvement here:

  1. Rich Phillips did two book signings – 3:30pm on Monday and 9:45am on Wednesday. Along with IBM, we gave away 500 copies of The COO Revolution.
  2. We co-presented with UMB Bank on Tuesday at 2:30pm.  Rich Phillips stood in for Sue Butler on this one.
  3. Andrew Paier spoke as part of a panel on Driving Mobile innovations with IBM BPM, Tuesday at 5:15pm.
  4. I did my first video shoot Sunday afternoon.  This was fun, but it sure is hard to say the same thing over and over again!
  5. Followed quickly by the first interview… tough environment to stay focused in, with all the background noise and activity.
  6. Monday, I participated in a client reference interview – that raw footage hasn’t been processed yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
  7. On Wednesday, I had a sit-down with Todd Watson, to talk about Mobile BPM, but also about the importance of tackling significant problems, of focus.  Check out the high quality video here.  Some of the best material is near the end.
  8. But that wasn’t all – Ivan and I also did a reprise of our BPM for Mobile, Mobile for BPM presentation.  That video hasn’t been posted yet but we’ll update when it is.
  9. Finally, I did one more interview with Justin Lin on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm.  I haven’t seen the footage yet but I worry that conference fatigue might have set in by this point!

All of these interviews were fun to do.  And I have to say it also led to some interesting discussions with IBM executives, sales reps, and tech sellers about selling software and marketing messages and how BP3 can help with Mobile BPM.  It also has led to interesting conversations with other IBM champions and IBM customers.  We definitely got our money’s worth out of Impact this year, and we’re looking forward to next year!



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