BP3 @ #IBMImpact : ANICO's Success with BPM - Just Add BP3 and Smarter Process

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Scott Francis

Vincent Johnson of ANICO, and our own Lance Gibbs of BP3, will be presenting a session at Impact (session SCU-2878):

ANICO (American National Insurance Company)'s Success with BPM Just Add BP3 and Smarter Process - SCU-2878
Smarter Process - Client Use Cases: Smarter Process in Action
Mon, Apr 28,2014
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Lido 3103


American National Insurance Company (ANICO) offers a variety of insurance plans through itself and its multiple subsidiaries. ANICO made multiple attempts to use other business process management/workflow platforms to stimulate change and improve performance and visibility with some of its core processes. After struggling to find the right combination of products and methodology, ANICO has found success with the IBM Business Process Manager platform. By combining IBM Business Process Manager and IBM partner BP3s implementation services, ANICO is firmly on the path to self-sufficiency and now turns its focus to managing business process management as a practice, not just a project. This presentation covers lessons learned, success factors that ANICO deemed critical, and how it is approaching wider-spread adoption and support of IBM Business Process Manager within its organization.

This is a Client use case that will share the journey from beginning to self-sufficiency success.? Vincent can share some of the scars along the way, and a healthy Q&A should make this one particularly interesting.? This is also a great opportunity to talk to both executives after the session.? Every year we've been fortunate to have customers willing to share their stories with the IBM BPM ecosystem, and this year won't disappoint.

Definitely mark this one down on your schedule.



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