BP3: Finalist in Customer Service at the GABA Awards

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Scott Francis


Last night we attended the Greater Austin Business Awards dinner, as a finalist in the Customer Service category.? While we didn't take home the hardware, we're very proud of our team that put us in as a finalist among 400 applicants.

From the beginning, we've asked our team to prioritize customer experience over everything else, and to create a culture of customer experience and service rather than just an incentive structure.? Boy has our team delivered.? Our field team has been great at this since day one, but as we've grown, we've made investments to augment what a great services team with great culture can do on their own:

  • We created new technology to support our delivery efforts and increase value-per-hour of work
  • We created the BP Labs team to sustain and support our technology improvements - but also to act as a safety net for our services team.
  • We've invested in our ability to manage our relationships with our customers, and to invest in managing programs as well as projects.? This includes everything from support building budgets and business cases to support putting the projects into play.
  • We've invested in our educational services, and our user experience capabilities
  • We've invested in managed services offerings for BPM - to make the management and sustaining of BPM programs easier for our customers.

Any single investment would have paid off, but the benefits are interlocking, and it is why our customers tell us we're different.? Why we're their preferred BPM partner.? Of course, not every customer will value what we're bringing to the table in customer service and customer experience - in much the same way not everyone will value a well-run restaurant over the fast-food spot on the corner.? In our view, this is a Rorschach test - our best customers will, by definition, most appreciate the customer experience we work hard to craft for them.? And their best BPM partner will be, by definition, the partner that brings the best experience.? We're going to continue to approach our work with appropriate humility and spirit of service.? It is in our culture and our DNA.

Congratulations to our team!



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