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With Impact on the horizon, we wanted to highlight some of the great sessions our customers are participating in at Impact.? Eleven IBM customers that BP3 folks have worked closely with are presenting on the order of 13 or 14 sessions at Impact - and I may have missed one or two in the process of looking through the schedule.

This isn't surprising. We've had the good fortune of working with some of the most forward-thinking companies in BPM, and on some of the most challenging BPM deployments in the world.? BP3 is the premier BPM partner for IBM BPM, and I think every year that is clear when you look at the influencers in the IBM ecosystem and the influence our mutual customers have on the BPM space, the thinking, and the reference calls that go out during new BPM sales cycles.

Moreover, at BP3, we have the benefit of having all the perspectives covered:

  • Executives and consultants who have deployed major BPM solutions within their own organization.? We know what it is like to be a customer.
  • Executives and consultants who know what it is like to be a third party consulting firm. ? We know what matters to our business and how to take good care of our customers and relationships.
  • Executives and consultants who worked in very crucial roles at Lombardi and IBM - which gives us a great perspective for how those companies worked, the philosophy behind product development and product support and software sales, and how we can best interact with them to get the most for our customers.

Cutting to the chase, here are the highlights of sessions we think you'll want to check out, because what we know about these people and companies says they're going to be among the most interesting:

We already pointed out our co-speaking session with UMB - check out our blog post for details.? And don't forget the panel discussion on Mobile and BPM.? But let's focus on the other sessions:

Raymond James is a great financial institution with a growing BPM practice and an IT team that is making the most of IBM technologies.? In the following session, they present a case study on a Raymond James' mobile application for Investor Access, which should be a good practical session on the benefits of Worklight for such deployments:

2297 Case Study for Raymond James Mobile Application

Track : Mobile Enterprise

Date: Tue, April 30, 2013 - 4pm

Location: Marcello 4403 - Venetian

Abstract: The Raymond James (RJ) Investor Access (IA) app provides easy and secure access to your RJ accounts. The free app allows secure views of investment portfolios and accesses current market information. Attend a session in which RJ and IBM discuss how they have partnered to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC)by re-factoring the existing IA application to the Worklight platform and how RJ chose IBM's Worklight platform. You will learn what mobile best practices were followed for an application from a heavy server side programming to a simple client programming model, cross-platform build and notifications. This session will touch upon some technical challenges as well as lessons learned. A demo of the IA built on Worklight will be demonstrated at the end of session

In another session, Raymond James is presenting the paradigm shift that ODM presents for RJF.? This promises to be another interesting session where BPM is in the background and ODM is in the foreground:

1784 Case Study: Paradigm Shift at Raymond James with Operational Decision Management

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 10:15am

Location: Lando 4301B - Venetian

Abstract:? In the past year, Raymond James has undergone a technology transformation by replatforming several core enterprise systems on IBM technology. One key component in this transformation is the Operational Decisions Management (ODM) Business Rules Management System. We have spent the past year laying out the architecture and infrastructure for ODM, along with various integration patterns for ODM. We now have multiple working projects that leverage the benefits of the ODM rules engine, with several others scheduled for 2013. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of this transformative journey with ODM. We will illustrate one primary use case where we are modernizing a legacy, COBOL-based trading application on the HP NonStop platform with externalized decision services built in ODM.

Along with Raymond James, we submitted a third session to talk alongside RJF about a great IBM BPM roll-out at Raymond James for which we are, to this day, still getting positive reviews from end-users.? However, that session didn't make the final IBM cut!

PNC is presenting a couple of topics at Impact.? The first one is a case study on growing BPM to 5.5 Million tasks per month.? I had the pleasure of working with NCC ( now part of PNC ) back when I worked at Lombardi, as did another member of our team, and Farrukh Humayun helped PNC build up the infrastructure and practice around BPM while he was there, and now does the same for our customers at BP3.? This will be a great session for those wondering how to scale BPM to larger volumes:

1119 Case Study: Growing BPM to 5.5 Million Tasks per Month at PNC

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Tue, April 30, 2013 - 1pm

Location: Delfino 4005 - Venetian

Abstract: In order to get value out of the software you purchase, you need to use it. With the process improvements and cost savings that BPM brings to business processes, driving its adoption across the enterprise brings great value. This session describes how the BPM program was organized at PNC, enabling the footprint to grow to the point where as many as 5.5 million BPM tasks are processed per month. The session will look at how the BPM program drives adoption, key success factors, and lessons learned.

In the next PNC session, the focus turns to operational decision management (ODM) and the impact thereof:

1194 Case Study:? Deeper Impacts of Operational Decision Management at PNC

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date:? Mon, April 29, 2013 - 1pm

Location:? Marcello 4405 - Venetian

Abstract:? Operational Decision Management plays a significant role at PNC. It helps deliver smarter process and decision automation solutions for increased governance and visibility. Come to this session to learn how PNC utilized IBM Operational Decision Manager to help manage multiple decision services and policies across different lines of business, via a shared business hosting platform.

One of our consultants, KP, has previously done quite a bit of work with Lincoln Trust, now Pensco.? They're one of the more mature BPM installations because they've really adopted it internally and used BPM to improve their business results and the transparency of those results.? Pensco is making their annual presentation at IBM Impact on the subject of creating "insourcing" opportunities with IBM BPM:

2996 Case Study: PENSCO Creates Insourcing Opportunity with IBM BPM

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Mon, April 29th, 2013 - 4pm

Location: Delfino 4005 - Venetian

Abstract: PENSCO Trust Company's early success with document-centric workflow allowed it to quickly leverage an offshoring partner to process work for large parts of its business operations.? Initially, offshoring provided a major cost savings for business operations, but from the beginning, PENSCO's goal was to become so internally efficient and automated that it would no longer require an offshoring model. Leveraging BPM, PENSCO has now reached that goal and is more profitable and effective processing onshore. This session will describe PENSCO's outsourcing and insourcing journey and review some of the unique challenges to BPM when bringing processing back onshore.

This is a subject near-and-dear to my heart - because I fear that many companies are losing critical organizational knowledge by offshoring.? Pensco is a great case for why this doesn't have to be the outcome.? They're not the only example, but I'm glad they're willing to share - often these kinds of benefits never see the light of day outside of the organizations who realize the benefits.

In another session, our good friend Dharmendra Mandal of eBay (who we also worked with when he was working with Stanford University), is presenting on the topic of enabling BPM at eBay:

1584 Case Study:? IBM Enables Business Process Excellence for eBay

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Mon, April 29, 2013 - 4pm

Location:? Lando 4301B - Venetian

Abstract:? In an effort to streamline and automate the data center hardware onboarding process lifecycle, the Technology Operations team at eBay released a tool designed and developed using the IBM Websphere Lombardi suite and IBM Blueworks Live. This business process transformation significantly improved operational efficiency, application robustness and scalability while reducing overall costs by approximately USD100,000/year and cycle time by approximately 40 percent across the end-to-end workflow process. High-level benefits from this implementation include real-time process visibility via dashboards, seamless integration between applications, higher data integrity, reduced rework, metrics-driven decision making, and increased resource utilization.

In a panel discussion, IBM is pulling in?Ford, with whom we've worked several times over the years, and?Banco Espirito Santo (BES)?with whom I had the good fortune to spend a short stint working back in 2007, and we've stayed in touch ever since.? These former Lombardi customers have continued to invest in the IBM BPM platform and are among the most mature installations in terms of size, scope, depth of deployment (though there are quite a few good examples).? This session focuses on Migration to IBM BPM - a topic near and dear to our heart, as BP3 provides great services for migration above and beyond what IBM provides out of the box.

?2066 Panel: Migrating to IBM BPM - Practical Experiences and Lessons Learned

Track:? BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Location: Delfino 4003 - Venetian

Abstract: ? Gain insight and knowledge on migrating to IBM BPM from customers who are doing it right now! What kinds of approaches are being taken and what should you be thinking about as you begin the process? Learn about pitfalls and successes in this session with representation from manufacturing, retail, and banking sectors.

Speaking of Banco Espirito Santo, they're also speaking about how to democratize process within an organization - increasing visibility and control, while at the same time enabling more process innovation and distributed innovation.? This is a chance to see how BES is doing it, and to get insights as to how to do this in your organization:

2819 Case Study: Banco Espirito Santo Democratizes Processes for Increased Visibility and Control

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 - 10:15am

Location: Delfino 4005 - Venetian

Abstract:? Learn how one of the most mature BPM organizations in the world gains insight and control of their processes and improved ROI by quickly and easily fulfilling new process requests from their end users without sacrificing quality or stability in their BPM systems. Have you thought about what your organization will look like with 20, 40, 100 or more process solutions in BPM? Gain insight and knowledge and knowledge to push your BPM implementation to the next level. And meet some of the authors of the forthcoming IBM Redbook "Empowering your ad hoc business with IBM Business Process Manager"

For the ACM fans among you, this amounts to disguising BPM as ACM and letting groups define their own processes- then looking for where the volume and interest is, and looking at how to enhance those processes further.

Cardinal Health is presenting on the topic of improving the supply chain and patient care with Websphere ODM - Operational Decision Management (although there was also a significant BPM component):

Program: Forbes Business Leadership Forum

Date: Monday, April 29, 2013.? 2:30pm

Location: Delfino 4103 - Venetian

Industry: Healthcare and Life Sciences

Abstract:? This session will demonstrate the impact of Websphere Operational Decision Management from a sourcing/inventory/customer expectation management point of view. It will also highlight the business cases used to bring in the technology, and the end communication to sales and customers on the changes we are making in our supply chain that directly impact patient care. The team will share lessons learned, and will provide opportunities for collaboration, and open discussion on how best to achieve results with the IBM tool stack. The Cardinal Health leadership team will also share positive feedback on the IBM/Cardinal Health partnership and our vision to use products to directly impact our supply chain and patient care processes.

We were proud to be a part of this great BPM-ODM project alongside Cardinal and our partner, Centric.

Intel is presenting at IBM Impact - though in this case not about BPM or ODM, but about how IBM innovations run on Intel Platforms.? Its all about software meets hardware in this session, which should be pretty interesting for the technical audience at Impact.

3317: IBM Innovations for the Most Demanding Workloads on Intel Platforms

Program: Technology

Date:??Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 4pm

Abstract: Attend this session to see how IBM WebSphere software coupled with Intel-based IBM System x eX5 enterprise servers provide the best foundation for customers to meet the requirement of managing sustained growth, as well as sudden spikes in demand. In this module, the results of comparative test cases illustrate how IBM WebSphere solutions and other IBM software run optimally on IBM System x eX5 servers and take advantage of system enhancements such as MAX5's unique memory expansion capabilities and eXFlash SSD technology to deliver the best performance and cost performance on Intel platforms.

As barely reformed hardware geeks, we're looking forward to hearing more about the server tech involved in IBM and Intel platforms.

Ford's Gopal Kamat is presenting a session on Building a hybrid mobile app for field ops users, using Worklight.? While we didn't work with Ford on this project, they're one of our favorite BPM customers and we're looking forward to this session!

1291: Building a Hybrid Mobile App for Field Ops Users Using IBM Worklight

Track: Mobile Enterprise

Date: Mon, April 29, 2013 - 5:15pm

Location: Palazzo K - Venetian

Abstract:? An IT team within Ford Motor Company engaged with IBM on a proof of technology (POT)/proof of concept (POC) using IBM Worklight to build a hybrid mobile app prototype for a legacy J2EE web application. This session will include an overview of the application, its business users, the user requirements, the goals of the POC, and a summary of the overall experience.

This promises to be a really interesting use case for building mobile apps for the enterprise.

Rick Goldgar is holding a roundtable on Application Security in a Mobile World.? But we first got to know whim when he worked at one of our customers, the Texas Education Agency, where we took on the Waivers processes that are of critical importance to that group.? Rick's a great speaker and we expect this to be a good roundtable to attend:

1422 Roundtable: Application Security in a Mobile World

Track: Mobile Enterprise

Date:? Tue, April 30, 2013 - 10:15am

Location: Zeno 4710 - Venetian

Abstract: ? Security is on every organization's mind, and application security is the biggest threat.But the world is getting more complex, and the number of applications in your organization is exploding. Mobile devices and applications are everywhere, and people are interacting with all your applications in ways you never imagined. New technologies are needed to keep your company secure and allow you to get a view of the risks across all your applications, so you can triage threats and prioritize your resources.The IBM Security AppScan portfolio is here to help your organization develop, test and maintain secure applications.In this round-table discussion, you will have the opportunity to discuss the new security challenges of mobile applications, and the importance of being able to monitor security risks across your organization.

AXA?is presenting at Impact on improving customer service with BPM.? While we worked with them on a different project, this is an interesting use case for BPM and ODM:

2295 Case Study: AXA Improves Customer Service and Profitability in Serving Health Claims

Track: BPM, Case, & Operational Decision Management

Date: Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 - 8:45am

Location: Lando 4301B - Venetian

Abstract:? Using iLOG jRules BRMS to automate the evaluation of health claims has allowed AXA to centralize from 10 to 1 the offices where heath claims are evaluated and reduced the response time from 15 days to 3 days. We have also set a warranty to our SLA to our customers. This was accomplished by linking jRules through webservices with legacy applications to evaluate each claim automatically within jRules. This automation has allowed AXA to unify evaluation criteria and detect frauds resulting in an improvement of 1.5 points in the combined ratio.

Other Interesting Sessions:

There are two other sessions that caught my attention that aren't your usual IBM Impact session-? first is a session that is all about Blueworks Live in the wild, and the second is about IBM's new focus on design:

'BBH is evangelizing Blueworks Live, and showing off how they leverage it for their process adoption internally.? Steve Ezratty is a great advocate for BPM, and we're looking forward to catching this session live -

2276 Case Study:? BBH Evangelizing Blueworks Live and Driving Enterprise Process Adoption

Track: BPM, Case & Operational Decision Management

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Location: Lando 4305 - Venetian

Abstract: ? How can you make your organization more process driven? Attend this session to learn some proven evangelist techniques that drive adoption of process-driven technologies. We will discuss effective methods that reveal how organizations can be more efficient and effective by gaining greater visibility into their operations. This session will provide practical examples based upon real experiences in driving process adoption. Topics include socializing the product, identifying and resolving business pain points, effectively defining requirements collaboratively, providing product instruction, Blueworks Live versus Visio, integration with IBM BPM, overcoming communication issues with Blueworks Live, and identifying common and reusable business patterns.

Finally, last but not least, I want to call attention to an important session Phil Gilbert is holding on the new era of design at IBM.? Design is critical, and becoming more so.? While technical differentiation is suffering, design differentiation is flourishing.? Phil was formerly CTO and President at Lombardi, and VP of BPM at IBM.? He is now the General Manager of IBM Design.? His vision drove the Lombardi offering and now I'm looking forward to how his vision might impact IBM more broadly -

3191 Introducing a New Era of IBM Design

Track: Current trends and future directions in technology

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 10:15am

Location: Palazzo E - Venetian

Abstract:? Phil Gilbert, General Manager of IBM Design, is bringing the success of design that went with IBM BPM to other areas of IBM. Come hear how IBM Design is delivering power to all our solutions through simple and intuitive capabilities.

Really looking forward to IBM Impact - it's going to be a good one.


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