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IBM's Redbooks are a key element of IBM's attempt to provide deep educational information in the form of printed (and online) words.? The release of a public draft of "Leveraging the IBM BPM Coach Framework in Your Organization" (you can download a PDF of the draft directly from that site) marks the second time that BP3 has contributed to a Redbook effort.

This seven chapter book kicks off with an introduction of the Coach Framework, how to assemble user interfaces, and how to build Coach Views (the components of a Coach).? The last three chapters are real-world lessons from BP3, Apex, and Emericon - who are as far as I know the only three IBM BPM partners who have published UI toolkits.

BP3's real world experience is based on building the Brazos UI Toolkit - by far the most widely used third-party UI toolkit, and quickly becoming (in our opinion) a de facto UI standard in IBM BPM circles.? The BP3 chapter is concise and to the point, and its brevity reflects the ease-of-use of our toolkit, and our focus on helping you, the reader, learn how to build your own Coach View components to extend toolkits like Brazos.

Of course, you can always just skip to the front of the line and download Brazos here.? We've updated our registration and download processes to streamline your access to it, and Brazos is free to download and use - and extend -? in your BPM solutions.

Looking forward to feedback on the draft, and really curious if there will be a crowd at the signing table this year, as there was last time around! Congratulations to BP3 team members Ivan Kornienko and David Frost, featured on the cover, but also thank you to several other BP3 team members who contributed ideas and editing, it wouldn't be the same without your help!



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