BP3 at Gartner's Business Process Management Summit 2008

  • July 18, 2008
  • Lance

I will be working with a partner colleague to lead a workshop, as part of Gartner’s Workshop Series, this year in Washington DC. I didn’t get a chance to make last year’s session but heard anecdotally it was well represented. This year Dr. John Alden from Capability Measurement and I will be delivering a workshop on BPM Measurement: Principles and Practices. This workshop is all about starting or improving measurement in companies BPM initiatives. Something I can tell you is woefully lacking and as a result companies may not be getting all of the “bang for the buck” they really should on these projects and programs. The synopsis is as follows: Participants will learn how to start or to improve existing measurement activities in a BPM initiative. The workshop will be divided into two parts: 1) a “measurement principles” presentation 2) a facilitated “practice oriented case study” discussion In the first section, the content will cover: – Current landscape for BPM measurement – trends and issues – Measurement and its link to strategy – Practical frameworks for guiding measurement programs and their lifecycle(s) – How the maturity of business processes affects BPM measurement capability and analytics – Where to start if you are new? How to improve if you are already involved? In the second section, the participants will engage in group discussion designed to provide for tangible outcomes, e.g. something useful to take back home. Participants will evaluate their own preparedness for BPM measurement and develop a measurement roadmap tailored to the maturity of their business processes. You can learn more about the Summit and Register here at Gartner BPM Summit Hope to see you there!

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